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Mountain View Extended a Happy Helping Hand!

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Mountain View Extended a Happy Helping Hand!
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    Cairo 360

    Cairo Runners (CR) is an Egyptian organisation that arranges marathons and running competitions throughout Egypt — having the dream to change Egyptians’ lifestyle to a healthier one, where it would be a normal thing for people to hit the streets of Cairo and exercise. A few days ago, CR managed to pull off a historic marathon for Cairenes, shattering stereotypes of Egyptians being lazy and not being huge fans of movement on foot in the streets of Cairo.

    Friday morning was the day to experience and see the clean, empty streets of Cairo differently, in a run full of energy and fun. Mountain View was the event’s Platinum Sponsor (the event was also held under the auspices of Ministry of Youth and Sports). This well-organised event helped paint a better picture of Egypt and has therefore helped shed light on Egypt as a hot travel destination and tourist attraction.

    Mountain View proved to Egypt that they are more than just a real-estate developer; indeed, Mountain View has announced that their ultimate goal is to achieve happiness, within both their work environment and on a communal level. It is not shocking, therefore, that Mountain View has been named Egypt’s Best employer in the Real-estate Development Sector by the Top Employer Institute. This is reflective of Mountain View’s commitment to transforming what corporate management ought to look like.

    Never leaving the concept of spreading happiness behind, Mountain View was able to extend a happy hand to the larger communities where they operate. As part of their attempt to give back to society, Mountain View helped Egyptians run for a cause, with ticket proceeds being donated to the treatment of children with cancer at 57357 Hospital.