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A Guide to What’s New in Cairo’s Cinemas

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A Guide to What’s New in Cairo’s Cinemas
    written by
    Mohamed Raafat

    Cairo cinemas have an amazing collection of movies for this week. Whether you’re into drama, sports, or even musical films, there’s something for everyone. Here’s what’s new in theatres this week.

    The Ride

    John gets sent to juvenile detention after his father was charged for a racially charged incident. Being raised by a white supremacist, John struggles so much until, one day, a family shows interest in adopting him. However, to John’s surprise, the family is interracial. The father of the family, Eldrige (played by Ludacris), tries his best to overcome the challenges of John’s upbringing by introducing him to BMX riding in an attempt to strengthen to bonds between them.


    Con artist Teddy Murretto gets on the wrong side of the wrong people, so they send legendary assassin Bob Viddick (Gerrard Butler) after him. Murretto realises he is being hunted and punches a cop in the face to get in jail and hide from Viddick. However, Viddick finds his way into prison to finish the job, but things get complicated as a rival assassin joins them in prison.

    Bennett’s War

    After badly injuring his leg in Afghanistan, sergeant Marshall Bennett is told he can no longer be in the army. He then comes home to find that his father is selling the family farm because he can’t pay the mortgage. Bennett decides to take a huge risk and become a dirt bike racer in a final desperate attempt to help his father.


    A musical film follows the rise of the singer who was number 9 in Rolling Stone’s Greatest of All Time, Aretha Franklin. The movie charts her journey from when she was a young girl singing in her father’s church’s choir and all the way to becoming the “Queen of Soul”.

    The Card Counter

    Assisted by Martin Scorsese, Paul Schrader created one of the most anticipated films of the year according to “Indiewire”. Oscar Isaac plays the role of William Tell, a man who learns how to count cards while in prison and starts going to casinos to make money. William comes across a young man called Cirk, who seeks help executing a revenge plan against a mutual enemy.