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New Star Spa: Five Ways to Find Your Inner Zen at Concorde El Salam Sharm El Sheikh’s Lavish Spa

New Star Spa: Five Ways to Find Your Inner Zen at Concorde El Salam Sharm El Sheikh’s Lavish Spa
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If Egypt has anything to teach us, it will be how to find a way to take a deep breath, relax and wind down amid all the madness of the country’s statue-still traffic, pollution and, of course, its scorching weather.

The idea of heading out of town is sound, but never easy. Luckily, there’s New Star Spa, where you can simply shed your worries at the door. Located at Concorde El Salam Sharm El Sheikh, New Star Spa offers a variety of treatments that will make you feel like you are born again.

Hot Stone Massage

Having been used for ages by Native Americans, this unique treatment is relaxes tense muscles, by placing a number of warm, smooth stones on different parts of the body. You can have 50 minutes of this treatment for $60.

Thai Massage

Thai Massage experts at New Star Spa take pride in holding to the traditional techniques that were founded over 2500 years ago, by physician, Shivago Komarpaj. Unlike other massages, Thai Massage is based on applying deep pressure on the muscles and joints mobilization; some say it’s not for the faint hearted, however, it’s an energy booster and a stimulator of blood circulation. An hour of this treatment costs you $85.

Turkish Bath

New Star Spa offers the ultimate Oriental experience that comprises a variety of treatments in a matter of hour for 50$; from spending time at the sauna and the steam rooms, having a full-body foam peeling to applying a facial treatment and, the cherry on top, relaxing in the Jacuzzi. What more do you need?

Pharaonic Treatment

Using our ancestors’ authentic therapeutic techniques, New Star Spa presents the Pharaonic treatment, which involves muscles and soft tissues manipulation, warm kneading and sweeping strokes to tone the body and stimulate the lymphatic system. 50 minutes of this relaxing treatment is for $60.

Cleopatra Programme

The 90-minute Programme includes a variety of luxurious treatments that will leave you feeling like a queen; not only you get to relax at the sauna and the steam rooms, have a full-body peeling or lounge in the Jacuzzi, you will also enjoy a relaxing foot & hand massage, all for $100.

Find out more on Concorde El Salam Sharm El Sheikh’s official website and Facebook page.