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One Chakra at a Time: Mental Cleansing with Nine Healing Vibes

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One Chakra at a Time: Mental Cleansing with Nine Healing Vibes
written by
Daniel William

Nine Healing Vibes in Zamalek was Egypt’s first dedicated sound therapy practice. Sound healing is growing in popularity as people are starting to get a taste of the benefits of its mental cleansing. However, when Nine Healing Vibes launched, there were only two other practitioners in town.

Its founder, Chérine Samir, found sound healing on her path to self-knowledge, and it served as her compass through life’s turmoil. After being certified as a sound therapist by the British Academy for Sound Therapy, she aimed to offer people an experience rather than just a practice. By embodying the healing powers of sound through her sessions, she established Nine Healing Vibes in December 2018.

According to Chérine, nine is the number of completion, but not finality, as it marks the end of a cycle and the beginning of another. This is the purpose of the practices; guiding and empowering people on their journey of self-knowledge and transformation.

Some of the oldest surviving texts document the power of sound therapy, with Pythagoras being the first person to prescribe music as medicine. His use of the healing ability of sounds and harmonic frequencies through the release of stress pulls cells out of their coherent structure. With sound travelling four times faster through water than air, and our bodies consisting of seventy per cent water, matching the frequencies of healthy resonance can be a natural therapy to stress relief.

What started as a sound therapy practice now offers a wide range of techniques serving the same purpose, including Meditative Sound Journeys, Gong Nidra, Soul Weaving, Womb Healing, Heart Mandala, Cacao Ceremonies, Shamanic Journeys, Tantric Hatha Yoga, and Yin Yoga.

Sound Healing

It uses specific instruments, music, tones, and other sonic vibrations to create a therapeutic atmosphere promoting deep rest, re-balance of the nervous system, and emotional release. It restores the balance of the body, mind, and spirit, and a hypnotically meditated state is induced, allowing access to recharged energy, improved mental clarity, increased creativity, and better sleep.

Soul Weaving

An inner dance of self-exploration and expression guided by the music that helps with accessing unknown aspects of the inner self by connecting to your own internal rhythm. By reaching the “Dreaming Awake” state, connecting with one’s oppressed emotions, memories, and thoughts, this practice plays an enormous part in letting go of preconceptions weighing down the soul leading to expanding self-awareness and personal growth.

Gong Nidra

Participants are put in a state where the body and mind are at the deepest possible state of relaxation, close to being asleep, yet still conscious enough to follow verbal instructions. When in the Yoga Nidra, or “Embodied Sleep”, activating the parasympathetic nervous system and restoring the body’s tissues and immune function is possible.

Shamanic Journeying

The oldest spiritual practice in the world was made to unleash the truth by seeking it from within through spiritual guidance through the sounds of drums or rattles.

Cacao Ceremony

A ceremony that for centuries is believed to bring participants to a state of euphoria through the release of emotional stresses. With the use of cacao, a plant medicine, the guide is able to connect to one’s purest of energies that are encapsulated in the heart space to accomplish heart opening, awakening, and healing.

Tantric Hatha Yoga

In an attempt to stabilise and calm the mind, body, and soul, there’s a dynamic combination of power and sensitivity. By accessing the energy within one’s body, participants will tackle their limitations and life experiences to reach the best version of themselves.

Yin Yoga

A slow-paced practice incorporating the principles of traditional Chinese medicine by holding one’s posture for a period of time. This helps build mindfulness and stillness by promoting deep relaxation and awareness of one’s breathing pattern, which improves sleep, mental focus, and flexibility.

Heart Mandala (One-on-one)

This practice has been ongoing for centuries and is designed to take participants on a journey into the depths of their hearts. Through guidance from the instructor, participants connect with the inner self in search of insight, understanding, and healing.

Womb Healing (One-on-One)

Energetic imprints of past relationships, lovers, emotional memories, and traumas are often stored in our bodies in what is called The Womb Space. Unfortunately, your subconscious tends to bury residue of this emotional junk leading to their accumulation which causes a womb space block. Through this practice, participants are guided to harness the power of their energetic powerhouses in order to release and cleanse away this blockage.