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Osana Family Wellness: A Haven in the Heart of Maadi

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Osana Family Wellness: A Haven in the Heart of Maadi
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    One of Maadi’s favourite health and wellness centres is about to get a whole lot more inclusive. Osana is all about family wellness, and they’ve just released a lot more features to raise their level of offerings, and give everyone a greater chance of living a healthy life.

    Osana have just introduced their Wholefood Café, offering tons of healthy and exciting menu items that range from appetisers and sandwiches to main dishes and desserts, all sure to keep your taste buds satisfied and your body treated as a temple. You see, Osana believe that “wellness begins in the tummy,” which is why they’ve created a menu filled with wholesome and nutritious meals.

    The chefs at Osana have compiled a nutritious menu based on the concept: “you are what you eat.” All the food is prepared from scratch on a daily basis, and they’ve made it their goal to use the least possible amount of oil, and balance all the macronutrients in foods through vegetables, grains, seeds, pulses, herbs, and spices.

    What we love the most about their menu is that it feels just like a normal one. You can have eggs and toast for breakfast plus an assortment of sweet items such as smoothies, jams, or fruit salads. Other dishes on the menu include salads, wraps, soup, and even molokheya. They prepare fresh homemade Shamsi bread using Egyptian sourdough, and also offer sandwiches in gluten-free bread.  As for their sweet menu items, Osana Wholefood Café offers chocolate cake, almond cake, and lemon poppy seed cake, among many other exciting choices. You can call them on 01065011971 for inquiries or pre-orders.

    Aside from their new feature, Osana is built on offering holistic therapies and classes for adults and kids alike. Their bodywork therapies include osteopathy, reflexology, and even sports physical therapy. They also provide fall & injury prevention therapies using neuromuscular control and strength training, which is ideal for the elderly of the community looking to keep their minds and bodies in shape. Other treatments include massage, energy healing therapies, as well as traditional Chinese medicine sessions. To take care of your body, you can make use of Osana’s skincare and facial treatments, take some of their nutrition classes, or try something unique with their homoeopathy and flower essences consultations. Pregnant women are more than welcome at Osana, and they have special classes for both pre and post-natal stages.

    If you’re interested in physical classes, you can book one of Osana’s adult classes, including a huge variety of yoga groups such as power yoga and air yoga. They also offer Pilates classes, in addition to fitness & dance classes including vintage belly dancing and TRX (total body resistance) suspension training. For the peaceful part of your character, a variety of meditation classes are on offer, while the fighter in you can learn all about martial arts such as capoeira or aikido.

    It’s never too early for your younglings to start training. Osana offers your kids therapy sessions including massages, bach flower remedies, and even nutrition programs. As for kids’ classes, these include yoga, hip-hop, mixed martial arts, art classes, and an architectural educational program.

    Osana has become a household name in family wellness, and not by coincidence. Their sheer devotion to offering comprehensive wellness services has kept them at the top of the list, and with the new Osana Wholefood Café, we’re sure they’ll be staying at the top for even longer. Visit their website for more information.