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Quick Tips to Overcome Stress and Anxiety Triggered by Coronavirus ‎

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Quick Tips to Overcome Stress and Anxiety Triggered by Coronavirus ‎
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    Dina Mokhtar

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    With news about Coronavirus taking over all media outlets, sometimes one finds oneself thinking negative thoughts about the current global situation, and eventually stress about the future.

    It’s completely normal: our home confinement, no matter how fun it sounded in the beginning, offers us little to no mental stimulation – especially if you can’t do your job remotely. In this article, we’ve gathered a round of tips that will help you cope with the situation.

    Before delving in, first, you need to know that we have no control over the whole Coronavirus ordeal and its tragic consequences, however, there are other things that we can control, and this is what you need to focus on in the meantime.

    1 – Keep yourself informed, but not so over-informed that it becomes an obsession:

    Of course, you need to know facts about the virus, and we are telling you there’s no better source to learn about it than the WHO website. Also, being updated with the news is indeed a necessity. However, too many updates throughout the day can easily trigger anxiety. Fix an ‘update time’, where you can have a quick recap of what went on throughout the day.

    2- Structure your day:                                

    Instead of going with the flow – which means that you’ll end up watching the news on TV, or checking your feed on social media – follow a daily routine that balances between work (if you have any), and leisure. If you don’t work, you could learn new skills that might earn you money in the future.

    3- Stay socially connected: 

    Social distancing and self-isolation can trigger a low mood, so don’t fall into that trap; technology has made virtual socialisation easy. We might be stating the obvious, but when in a bad mood, lots of us fall into deeper isolation. Watch yourself, and if you find yourself distancing from others – emotionally, we mean – schedule an hour that is devoted to catching up with the ones you care for.

    4- Get some fresh air:

    That doesn’t include going out with your friends like the good ol’ days; you can get some fresh air from the balcony, or even walk around your neighbourhood while maintaining social distancing.

    5- Seek professional help:

    Needless to say, there’s no shame in turning to a professional for help during these hard times when anxiety and stress are prone to knock on everyone’s door. Online psychotherapy platform, Shezlong is offering free consultancy sessions, until the end of this month.

    Lastly, always keep things in perspective, take precautions, and stay safe! For more tips on coping with Coronavirus, and how to talk to your little ones about it, click here