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Rich Bake Introduces a Couple of Health-Conscious Options to Their Range of Products

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Rich Bake Introduces a Couple of Health-Conscious Options to Their Range of Products
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Ever since its launch in 1998, Rich Bake has been providing the Egyptian market with an ever-growing family of quality baked goods; from white and brown versions of toasts, buns, and rolls, to ready-made muffins and pound cakes, and even bread and cake mixes that come in a diversity of flavours.

Entitled 3arfeenak w khabzeenak, comes the brand’s latest campaign which touches on its mission to cater to every need and having the consumer covered on every occasion.

Keeping their promise, Rich Bake has widened its spectrum of products to include those who are opting for a healthier lifestyle with a couple of health-conscious options. Bringing to the table the low-carb toast, which will come in handy in keeping carbohydrate intake in line; especially for diabetics, who need to stabilise their blood sugar levels, or those who are trying to lose weight and looking for a guilt-free healthy snack.

The second product is the Omega-3 fortified toast. The fatty acid, which is found in various foods, including seeds, soya beans, canola oils, salmon, and sardines, is known to have a series of benefits; from aiding in the formation of the fetal brain cells, reducing the triglycerides in the blood, to lowering blood pressure. While it’s not used as a medication for behavioural disorders, like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Omega 3 helps improve some of its symptoms, including inattentiveness. 

These two additions to the Rich Bake Family are set to enrich the market and its thirst for the presence of a local brand that reaches out to every consumer’s need.