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Shezlong: Egypt’s Online Therapy Service

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Shezlong: Egypt’s Online Therapy Service
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At some point, we all feel worried, sad, stressed, or lonely; it’s all a very natural part of being human. At other times in our lives, however, we may find ourselves completely debilitated by our anxieties and insecurities, and totally engulfed by our sadness.  This is when we find ourselves most in need of discussing our issues with someone; so we either go to our friends, siblings, or parents to let it all out, not thinking that it could actually be depression or anxiety that requires more professional intervention. Indeed, not everyone is qualified to give you the right advice or make you feel better about yourself. As such, sometimes the only answer is to seek professional help, but sometimes we don’t have time to visit a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Shezlong is a website that offers emotional support anytime and anywhere. It connects you with professional psychologists and psychiatrists that will provide you with one-on-one conversations to help you speak your mind without any fear of being judged.

The idea of Shezlong is that it is an online forum which gives you the opportunity to talk about anything from the comfort of your “happy place”. When you find the doctor you want, you can instantly connect and book an appointment via chat. You can try a new doctor each time until you find one that makes you the most comfortable; from there, the app allows you to develop a more in-depth, ongoing professional relationship with your chosen doctor, without having to do meet them personally. This, of course, saves you the hassle of travelling around Cairo to find a doctor and saves you the additional hassle of having to commute through the busy streets of the city to receive mental care.

The website is well developed, as you can see many psychiatrists with their pictures and ratings all made public. The page can also be translated from Arabic to English, with a registration process that is as simple as it is fast. Make sure you visit their website, and always remember that mental health is as important as physical health.