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Sigma Fit Is Ready to Make CrossFit Even MORE Exciting!

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Sigma Fit Is Ready to Make CrossFit Even MORE Exciting!
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    The gym life has never been as exciting as it is now, right? With everything from upgraded equipment and new forms of sport to different training methods, that’s not exactly surprising. Yet with all these advancements, one thing continuously stands out: the CrossFit life has changed the gym experience for the better.

    As rigorous as CrossFit is, it’s made a lot of people get more active and in shape, as well as acquiring a brand-new, encouraging community, and it’s about to get even better! Sigma Fit isn’t just bringing its high-tech wear to the exercise; it’s also sponsoring the biggest CrossFit event in the Middle East, El Fit 2021!

    As the fastest growing local apparel brand, Sigma Fit is set to support participating athletes with the latest performance apparel, coming with top-notch technology that’s set to pave the road towards the championship.

    So, what is El Fit 2021 all about? Well, let’s just start by saying that this highly anticipated sporting event will be held at the Cairo Administrative Capital’s sports arena from September 25th until September 27th. Participating will be a diverse range of approximately 1000 competitors from CrossFit communities across Egypt and the MENA region, and internationally.

    These participants will all compete for three days trying to make it to the much-coveted winners’ podium. But that’s not the best part—the best part has to be Sigma Fit’s immense support to this growing community, using the latest products and technologies to create sportswear that every athlete will dream of wearing. Sigma Fit uses advanced moisture-management technologies called Acti-Dri and anti-bacterial treatments that will go the extra mile in helping athletes ace their daily challenges.

    Getting excited about this event already? Well, there’s more! Fans and casual spectators will have the chance to attend this year’s El Fit as well as participate. Who knows—they might even win too?!

    How’s that even possible? Through the Sigma Fit-powered Rookie side-event, of course! A pairing challenge made for beginners, El Fit Rookies will be held during El Fit 2021’s second and third days. You don’t even have to be a professional athlete either, since El Fit Rookies anyone and everyone to compete.

    All El Fit Rookies can get a chance to win valuable prizes from Sigma Fit, with the winner getting EGP 3000, the 2nd place EGP 2000, and the 3rd place securing 1500.

    While nurturing casual fan participation, Sigma Fit doesn’t just stop there. It’s also sponsoring some of the event’s participant athletes, including Omda, one of the Middle East and Africa’s top CrossFitters, who’s an annual presence on the El Fit’s winners’ podium, and Suzy, the next rising star in the world of CrossFit.

    Sigma Fit will also sponsor a team of three: Re’o, Zakareya, and Adel, who will participate in the 3×3 team competition.