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Six Reasons Why You Should Drop Everything & Visit the Semiramis Spa & Fitness Centre

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Six Reasons Why You Should Drop Everything & Visit the Semiramis Spa & Fitness Centre
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    Fighting through traffic, fighting to meet deadlines, and perhaps even fighting with your manager! Doing all of this day in and day out can be tiresome and incredibly tedious. The stress of the city life, coupled with work, can become quite unbearable. There needs to be something that breaks this terrible cycle, rejuvenate the soul, and give you a boost!

    Semiramis InterContinental Cairo has the perfect place to break that cycle and get you back to life with a fully charged soul. The Semiramis Spa & Fitness Centre has all the facilities you need for that break. We’re talking about a fully-equipped fitness centre to get in shape, a huge free-form outdoor swimming pool to have a nice relaxing dip with stunning Nile views, and ten treatment rooms with specially designed treatments and exclusive oils to introduce you to new levels of tranquillity.

    1. Their Signature Semiramis Massage

    The Semiramis Spa has a lot of signature treatments, but their signature massage is definitely one of the best. It draws inspiration from Egypt’s rich heritage along with the history of Assyria. The combination of techniques includes long, firm, and flowing movements that help promote your body’s vitality and restore blood circulation. You’ll also benefit from higher oxygen levels in your body together with the release of all the toxins that are holding you back.

    2. Their “Art of Tahtib” Treatment

    This is the perfect choice if you’re looking to get pampered and enjoy a holistic healing experience. Their expert therapists use a wooden baton coupled with ancient techniques to delve into deep muscle layers, guaranteeing immediate relaxation, toning your muscles, and improving blood circulation.

    3. Their “The Pharaoh” Royal Experience

    The Pharaohs were quite advanced in many areas, and their traditions and techniques in therapy have inspired this royal treatment at Semiramis Spa. Go on an ancient journey of spiritual relaxation starting with an aromatic herbal scrub, contradicted by a hot lava stone massage putting the focus on your core energy points, and finally ending with a tranquil head massage, shedding every worry you might have had before going in.

    4. Their Romantic Couples Treatments

    A spa treatment is one of the most romantic experiences a couple could have. The Semiramis Spa understands just how effective it can be when it comes to reigniting the flame and sparking romance between couples. Their luxurious private couple’s suite and relaxation area are perfect for such a mini-getaway. Focus on nothing but your partner, and enjoy a romantic spa treatment that caters to your every need and request.

    5. Their Pre-Wedding Pampering Packages

    If your wedding is around the corner, the Semiramis Spa is the perfect spot for a treatment before the big day. Everything has been set for the wedding, but the stress is still there, and perhaps you’re having a little bit of a cold-feet feeling. Break away from all of this with a pre-wedding pampering treatment for brides or grooms, together with your bridesmaids or groomsmen.

    6. Their Partnership with French brand, Phytomer

    Phytomer is one of the most famous brands in manufacturing natural creams and serums. Their premium products are created from natural sea ingredients, giving you the treatment you deserve. The Semiramis Spa have infused these natural and authentic products to tackle any skin problem such as pigmentation, wrinkles, body contouring, and sculpting. It’s available for men and women to make them feel more comfortable and relaxed in their own body.