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Six Ways to Make Waking Up in Cairo Easier

Six Ways to Make Waking Up in Cairo Easier
written by
Hannah Cooper
The moment comes all too soon; the alarm clock buzzing away, sending irritating jolts straight through your nerves, alerting you that it is indeed time to wake up. If you haven’t already turned it off in your sleep, or slapped it across the room in denial, this moment for many is a terrible one.

Many of us experience difficulties when it’s time to rise n’ shine. In an effort to curb your morning frustrations, we’ve gathered up a few tips to help you and your body ease into the day with a smile. Like most changes, routine is a must for a lasting effect. If it doesn’t work on day one, don’t give up. Experiment with what helps you best and before you know it, you’ll be on your way to embracing, or just accepting, that early morning wake-up call.

Take it slow:

Instead of jumping out of bed, darting to the shower and running out the door so as not to be late; stop and give yourself some time. If that means setting the alarm thirty minutes, forty-five minutes, or an hour before having to leave, do what it takes to allow the body sufficient time and space for the wake-up process to be cultivated peacefully and un-rushed. Lie in bed for a few minutes, check in with your body and see how it feels, notice the sun peering through the window and reflect on your goals for the day.

Wash your face and eyes with cold water:

Splashing your face and massaging around your eyes with cold water will alert you into wake mode. Cleansing with a mild, all-natural soap is preferable; a fancy product isn’t necessary and these soaps aren’t difficult to find. Look for ones containing olive, jojoba, sesame or coconut oil in particular, these natural oils help with redness or dry eyes as well as provide a great deal of moisture for the skin. To liven up the process, add your favourite essential oil to the mix; we love the smell of peppermint or orange in the morning.

Drink warm lemon water:

If there is one step we do not miss in the morning, it is this remarkably simple technique. Warm lemon water cleanses the palette, helps to flush the kidneys and liver of toxins, and washes out the GI tract thus stimulating good bowel health. Not only that, but because a lemon’s nutrients – primarily Vitamin-C – are known to stimulate blood flow, this drink provides a great deal of energy. Squeeze half a fresh lemon into a cup, add warm water and viola. Too tart? A dab of honey makes all the difference. For a greater metabolic and digestive boost, a pinch of cinnamon or ginger root can be added. Did we mention our morning caffeine intake has since been cut in half?

Get your body moving:

Your body has been in corpse mode all night and the adjustment to being awake can be brutal if the body isn’t tended to. To get the blood flowing, give yourself a gentle message and ten to fifteen minutes of exercise minimum. Whether that means stretching in the shower or doing jumping jacks while waiting for the kettle to boil, do whatever it takes to give your body what it deserves. If you practice yoga, a backbend, shoulder stand or headstand are great energy givers and get the blood flowing to the head. If you’re new to the practice, don’t attempt these postures without some proper guidance first!

Nourish your tummy with something yummy: 

All too often, breakfast is the last thing on the list when we’re rushing out the door in the morning. Eating a low sugar, high protein breakfast has been proven to dramatically increase productivity and concentration; not to mention its effect on our overall mood. Can you spare an extra five minutes to cook an egg, toast bread and cut a tomato? Grab a piece of your favourite fruit on the way out the door and you’ll be good to go. Other easy go-to breakfast options include yogurt or a small portion of that Egyptian staple: foul.

Blast. The. Tunes!

There’s nothing like throwing on a high energy album and completely rocking out in the morning. If you’re in search of some earworms to get your day going, enjoy these random recommendations for blast off:

–    Komeda – ‘Binario’
–    Django Django – ‘Skies Over Cairo’
–    Janelle Monae – ‘Tightrope’
–    Yamasuki Singers – ‘Yamamoto Kakapote’

Please note: we are under the assumption that the lovely Cairo 360 readers are among the most hygienic individuals in the city. So, for the sake of everyone around you, please don’t forget to brush your teeth and bathe yourself.

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