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Sport Media Has Touched Down in Egypt

Ahmed Hossam Mido Hazem Emam Ryerson
Sport Media Has Touched Down in Egypt
    written by
    Salma Sabek

    Ryerson University is launching its first satellite campus in the New Administrative Capital. Ryerson Cairo Campus will be hosted by Universities of Canada in Egypt, which hosts the top innovative Canadian universities on Egyptian grounds. 

    On Sunday, October 24th, Charles Falzon, Dean of The Creative School (Faculty of Communication and Design) – Toronto Campus, led a virtual meeting with the Ryerson Cairo Campus’ faculty members and the renowned athletes and TV presenters, Hazem Emam and Ahmed Hossam Mido, to announce the launching of their Sport Media programme as a part of The Creative School (Faculty of Communication and Design). 


    This programme is the first of its kind in North America and the MENA region, and why it emerged in Egypt specifically is no secret. For as long as we can remember, Egypt has been a central spot for sports and its fans, which is what Dean Falzon meant by calling Egypt a “hub for fervent sports fanatics”. 


    It’s undeniable that the Egyptian people care for sports the way they care about everything else, with a fiery passion and wholehearted dedication. In an effort to advance the sports industry in the MENA region, Hazem Emam and Ahmed Hossam Mido were present during this meeting to capitalise on their experience and involvement as key industry players. The two ex-pros expressed their excitement and interest in the programme, “you came to the right place, at the right time”, stated Hazem during the meeting with The Creative School, referring to the recent emergence of sports and the creative field. Mido also expressed his excitement, saying, “working in the sports industry isn’t just about one’s participation on the field”, as Sport Media offers endless career options in the sports industry, ranging from management, production, and beyond.

    Ryerson Cairo Campus is excited to host the two sportsmen in campus in the near future to check out the innovative facilities, studios and labs that the Ryerson  Cairo students will have unlimited access to during their study at Ryerson

    We’re sure this new programme will make many sports fanatics’ dreams come true, and we can’t wait to see everything they have to offer!

    For more information about Sport Media or what Ryerson Cairo Campus has to offer, check their website Ryerson Cairo Campus – Hosted by UofCanada or call 16838.