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Step Outside Your Comfort Zone with O West’s Tough Mudder Challenge

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Step Outside Your Comfort Zone with O West’s Tough Mudder Challenge
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    Mariam Nowar

    If you’re up for a tough challenge that will get you to break a sweat, this competition is for you. Organized by The TriFactory for the first time ever, Tough Mudder Classic is taking over O West, Orascom Development’s fully integrated town in the heart of 6th of October, with an obstacle course challenge specifically crafted to test your limits. Your physical and mental capabilities will be put to the ultimate test, and if you’re signing up as a team, it will all come down to your camaraderie.

    Tough Mudder competitions have been held worldwide in over 25 countries with a diverse number of formats. They are mainly famous for vigorously targeting the human being’s fears, including but not limited to, you guessed it, mud.

    Over the past two years, the shorter Tough Mudder 5K has taken place in Egypt, and this year, The TriFactory introduced a more advanced challenge, the Tough Mudder Classic. Both challenges are on the table during the 5th and 6th of March; the first “Tough Mudder 5K” features a 5 KM route and 13 obstacles (ages 14+), and the second “Tough Mudder Classic” features a 12 KM route and 25 obstacles (ages 16+).

    If you’re getting intimidated already, wait ’til you see the track! But, if you think an obstacle is too much to handle, you can skip it with zero penalty. However, if you are looking to push through and prepare for the challenge of a lifetime, check out a few tips and tricks to get you in shape.

    O West is most certainly upping the game with its latest activities, including its recent O West Rally 2021, and the schedule is getting even more packed. The town is “envisioned as a complete sensory experience full of energy, playing differently to everyone; this place offers an experience you can taste, touch, smell, hear, see, and more importantly, feel.”

    Get your ticket now before the 28th of February!

    Find out more information and register here.