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Summer Skin and Hair: Home Remedies

Summer Skin and Hair: Home Remedies
    written by
    Cairo 360

    Summer is here,
    which means many weekends of basking in the sunshine are in store. As the Cairo sun
    provides us with an ultimate boost of vitamin D, it’s not only necessary for
    the absorption of calcium but it influences an individual’s mood in incredible
    ways. Who doesn’t love a good dose of sunshine?

    Although the sun is very beneficial, it can also be very taxing on
    both the skin and hair. This isn’t a new concept, but there are now new home
    remedies to help combat summertime ills. These remedies
    are not only easy on the wallet but they also establish a connection with
    essential everyday items that are not always recognised as beneficial to your
    temperamental, summertime skin and hair. Here are a few
    natural essentials to keep on hand:

    Highlights: Many crave those summertime highlights
    that scream ’I’ve been at the beach!’ Instead of dropping a few hundred LE on
    highlights that will soon fade; look no further than your own kitchen and grab
    a lemon. Working with the UVB rays, the acidic elements of fresh lemon
    juice bring out natural highlights; providing an easy way to gain that sunshiny
    look. If your hair is on the dry side, use moderately and always

    Damaged Locks: While the UVB rays can work for you,
    they also work against you. From salt water and chlorine to hours in the sun,
    hair often becomes brittle and damaged. Bring on the conditioner! A
    natural-based deep conditioner is a must when your locks have been
    through some stress. An at-home mix of mayonnaise (a small jar) and half an
    avocado will beneficial including a little vitamin b-6 and vitamin E. Be overly generous and lay off the heat;
    allowing your hair to dry naturally prevents unnecessary heat damage.

    Moisture: Vitamin E solves wonders for both
    the skin and hair when it comes to the scorching heat. Not only is Vitamin E easy
    to find at any major pharmacy chain, it’s also a cheap way to stay revitalised when
    you’ve been soaking up a few too many rays. Whether in oil form or a capsule, the
    vitamin will provide a boost of serious moisture and care. Whole grains and
    leafy green vegetables are rich with it; so eating a bit extra won’t hurt

    Sunburn: Everyone living in Egypt has
    experienced a painful case of sunburn at some point or another. Wearing
    sunscreen is an obvious preventive measure, but if you do get burnt, mix equal
    parts of a natural-based yogurt, turmeric and barley, and directly apply
    it to the skin. Although it sounds a bit
    strange, it’s known to work wonders. The combination will help relieve the
    irritation, swelling and tenderness that those pesky sunburns can bring.

    Repellent/Oil Reducer
    Natural oils are numerous and beneficial in tons of ways, and Bergamot
    works as an amazing summertime fix. Not only does it work as a natural insect
    repellent when the mosquitoes are swarming;   but it’s also an antiseptic. If you’re going to be exposed to a strong amount of sun, be careful; as its ingredients can cause

    : Exfoliants
    are a great way to combat dry and dead skin that creeps up on us after days at
    the beach or pool. While bottled
    exfoliating scrubs can be both pricey and often too rough, this home remedy
    contains a balanced amount of necessary ingredients to get the job done. All it
    takes is a combination of raw oats (about a handful), a splash of apple cider vinegar (both of which can be
    purchased at your closest Metro Market or Alfa Market)honey;
    left on the skin for twenty minutes or so. It’s messy to make but beats a lot
    of premade scrubs; not to mention that you find it all in the comfort of your
    own kitchen.    

    do-it-yourself remedies barely graze the surface of the plethora that exists.
    With a little imagination and research, you will soon realise that resources are
    endless when a little home remedy is calling to be concocted.