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The Atlantic Challenge: Omar Samra & Omar Nour Take on the World’s Toughest Row with DHL

The Atlantic Challenge: Omar Samra & Omar Nour Take on the World’s Toughest Row with DHL
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Cairo 360

We all know DHL as a leading brand in the oh so complicated logistics industry, but did you know that they also have something of the adventurer inside of them. It should be no surprise – getting something from A to B can be an expedition unto its own, but with DHL teaming up with adventurer, Omar Samra, and professional triathlete and member of the famous Team O2, Omar Nour, a much bigger adventure is on the horizon.

This week, it was announced that Team O2 are set to take on what many believe to be the world’s toughest row, The Atlantic Challenge. As you might have deduced from the name, the journey sees partakers travel 5,000km across what is the world’s second largest ocean. It sounds simple on paper, but the average crossing time is around 60 days, with the record standing at an impressive 40 days.

As the first Egyptian team to take on the challenge, Samra and Nour are as equipped as anyone for the grueling expedition ahead of them.

“Taking on the world’s toughest row across the Atlantic Ocean is an enormous challenge for both of us and a real opportunity for us to test our mental and physical limits and to grow,” stated Samra, who is the first and only Egyptian to complete the Explorer’s Grand Slam.

In preparation for the trip this December, the twosome have undertaken over 300 training hours on a boat. But in DHL, Samra and Nour have seemingly found their perfect partner as they embark on their next conquering of Mother Nature, with Nour, the fastest Arabic-speaking triathlete in the world, adding, “We’re determined, resourceful and ready to push the limits of our potential. To have a partner like DHL, who believes in the same values that we do – team work, dedication and commitment – makes all the difference to our campaign.”

The folks at DHL are just enthusiastic about the endeavour and, for them, the grounding that has made Samra and Nour so successful in their fields, overlap with many of DHL’s own commitment to teamwork, achieveing goals under all and any circumstances and breaking records.

“All these values are in DHL’s identity,” DHL EXPRESS Egypt Country Manager,  Ahmed Elfangary, explains. “Team O2 is accepting this challenge and living DHL principles.”