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The Egyptian Vegetarian’s Guide to Milk Alternatives

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The Egyptian Vegetarian’s Guide to Milk Alternatives
written by
Aminah Keevy

Image credit: Best in Singapore

Lactose-intolerant? Vegan? Just don’t like the taste of milk? Have no fear! We have compiled a list of locations that offer lactose and dairy-free milk throughout our beloved city. So whether it’s to avoid feeling physically ill or to follow your moral compass, you can count on these stores and establishments to support and fulfil your lactose-free lifestyle choice.

Osana Family Wellness

First and foremost, as if there aren’t enough reasons to love this Maadi oasis, Osana Family Wellness supplies the community with freshly made almond, coconut, and oat milk daily. These non-dairy options are available as a substitute in your coffee, in a glass, or 300ml and 1L takeaway bottles. All-in-all, a strong candidate when searching for vegetarian and vegan meals and products!


Another store that prioritises health and variety is Lychee. With many branches dispersed throughout the whole country, let alone Cairo, they provide Egypt with 1L bottles of almond milk. This two-ingredient, antioxidant-rich option is available for delivery in Cairo, El Gouna, and the North Coast by calling 15522. Who wouldn’t want to go back to buying milk in a glass bottle?

Gourmet, Spinney’s, and More

More accessible, though not made in-house, are the larger supermarkets that offer some variations of plant-based dairy alternatives. Gourmet offers an impressive array of coconut, almond, hazelnut, oat, and soy milk. Juhayna’s N&G milk alternatives are available at Carrefour as well. Spinney’s is also a passenger on the anti-lactose-train and offers Lamar Almond Milk.

For anyone interested in regular dairy milk without the lactose, all three stores have that, too!