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The Importance of Mental Health Support in Corporate Spaces

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The Importance of Mental Health Support in Corporate Spaces
written by
Daniel William

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The days of not talking about mental health are gone, or at least they should be by now. With the massive rise of health awareness, mental health is finally becoming acknowledged as a part of one’s overall health alongside physical and social well-being.

It’s yet to be fully understood that it’s more than the absence of mental illness, but rather, one’s capability to reach their full potential by coping with the stressors being thrown at them, especially in the corporate world, where the understanding of the correlation between mental health and thriving at work is a work in progress.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified various factors that can negatively impact mental health in the workplace, including job tasks and hours, hazardous working conditions, and limited opportunities for career growth and development.

With that said, providing a safe space for employees at all levels to vocalise their mental status openly is crucial. Because with that comes learning how to cope with work stressors, stress management, a significant boost in resilience and mental agility, and of course, self-growth that will lead to the unleashing of one’s highest potential.

Major setbacks occur to mentally drained employees, which could cause dire effects on the company, from demotivation and lack of focus, and significant drops in performance to a lack of impulse control, leading to workplace conflicts and poor decision-making.

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Supporting mental wellness at the workplace should shift from a nice-to-have option to a top priority. And there are several proactive options to promote mental well-being in the workplace for both employers and employees.

Relaxation Spaces: These are quiet spaces dedicated to peaceful midday breaks for unwinding and de-stressing.

Free or Subsidised Therapy: Many health insurance brands provide these benefits in their bundles, and multiple wellness centres offer it too.

Destigmatising Mental Health: Provide a safe environment for openly sharing one’s humanness and vulnerability.

Promote Healthy Coping Tools: De-stress by breathing exercises, healthy communication, and positive self-talk.

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Awareness of the link between an employee’s mental health and productivity is the first step to a healthier workplace environment. Looking for ways to support your employees so that they can flourish both personally and professionally is recognition worthy. Remember, at the end of the day, we’re all humans who can only take so much before breaking down, so make sure to provide a supportive workplace for everyone, even you.