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The ‘RUN FOR A HEART’ Marathon Is Here to Support Cardiovascular Disease Patients

Magdi Yacoub Marathon
The ‘RUN FOR A HEART’ Marathon Is Here to Support Cardiovascular Disease Patients
    written by
    Salma Sabek

    Cairo Festival City, Ignite Egypt and Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation (MYHF) have all come together to raise awareness of children’s heart diseases through a marathon that covered 5 kilometers in 2 hours!

    The marathon was sponsored by Allianz Egypt to not only raise awareness but also support MGHF in their benevolent efforts to fight heart & cardiovascular diseases and provide their patients with world-class and free-of-charge treatment.

    Cairo Festival City (CFC) is an affiliate of Egypt’s leading real estate developer Al-Futtaim Group Real Estate (AFGRE) and decided to host the marathon as it aligns perfectly with their corporate core values and social responsibility initiatives. “It is always our honor & privilege to dedicate our vast resources to achieve worthy humanitarian goals. In this essence, we were quick to embrace the idea of hosting this running (for charity) event; in cooperation with Ignite Egypt, Allianz Egypt, and Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation (MYHF),” stated Managing Director of Al-Futtaim Group Real Estate (AFGRE) – Eng. Ashraf Ezz El Din “The marathon’s fundraising proceeds will be fully allocated to support the foundation. These contributions assist in providing free-of-charge treatments to Aswan Heart Center patients; 60% of whom are children”

    Ignite Egypt was more than happy to take part in this important event since their purpose is fundamentally to help people live their best lives by improving the quality of their life and health, principles they adopt across all their gyms. Ignite’s Fitness and Events Director, Deana Shaaban expressed her contentment at being able to participate in this initiative by saying: “At Ignite, we consider it to be our life’s mission to change people’s lives for the better; through promoting physical fitness and healthy habits. It is with great pleasure that we get to cooperate with MYHF, CFC, and Allianz Egypt in hosting RUN FOR A HEART MARATHON. We aim to bring our community together as we all run side-by-side for healthier and happier hearts; focusing on the wellbeing of our community, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle. We believe that this initiative will help our runners feel one step closer to living a better quality life, filled with happiness and good health.”

    The marathon is sponsored by Allianz Egypt and we loved seeing the two prominent athletic champions and Allianz Egypt’s brand ambassadors paralympic swimming champion Ziad Kahil, and shooting champion Ahmed Tawheed Zaher participating in the marathon festivities.