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The Thief of Time: Simple Steps to Overcome Procrastination 

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The Thief of Time: Simple Steps to Overcome Procrastination 
written by
Daniel William
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Let’s face it, we all procrastinate. Even if you’re a master at planning and time management, you fall victim to it at some point or another. We, for instance, planned to post this article yesterday but procrastinated our way to this ironic moment.  

For us to cope with procrastination, we must first understand why we do it. Some see it as laziness, while others blame it on having a false sense of time. When in reality, according to psychology, procrastination is correlated to distress management. When you come across an unpleasant task, you start putting it off, or as they call it, procrastinating. 

Then how do people do it? How do they not fall into the procrastination loop but still manage not to get too stressed and anxious to function? Well, we have the ultimate guide to your problem. And as mentioned above, the writer of this article has not used these tactics yet, so let’s put them to the test and see if they can change our lives for good.  

Set Realistic Goals 

Don’t set yourself up for failure. If you want to lose some weight before summer, don’t expect to suddenly hit the gym twice a day when you can barely breathe after walking up the stairs. Instead, it might be better to begin with an at-home workout for starters.  

Get Out Your Calendar 

Waiting for the right time to get your goal done is exactly what you should resist doing. Instead, plan ahead. Blocking out a particular slot in your day betters your chances of getting it done.  

Break Down Tasks 

Fool your brain into believing you’ve completed more work by chunking tasks into smaller, more manageable parts. This will help reduce being overwhelmed, which is often followed by procrastination.  

Find a Partner 

Since you can’t hold yourself accountable, find someone who can – either a mentor, friend, coach, or even a parent. You just need to give your word on something and not go back on it. 

Pro tip: Don’t let that partner be your significant other. The occasional lack of follow-through builds tension which might not be healthy for the relationship.  

Set the Ambiance 

Beware of your setting because it can build or break your productivity. For example, working on a laptop that’s connected to all your socials that won’t stop pinging is a distraction. That’s when we thank Steve Jobs for the Do Not Disturb option.  

Use a Reward System 

Prevent yourself from doing something you’re craving, like going on TikTok or watching another episode, until after you’re done with the task at hand. Not only does this teach you self-discipline, but it also makes the reward more, well, rewarding.  

Forgive Yourself 

Do not beat yourself up! I repeat, just don’t. Crying over spilt milk gets you nowhere. The all-or-nothing mentality tends to hold you back from completing tasks, so instead, forgive your past procrastinations to help you overcome future ones.