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These Apps Will Help You Elevate Your Workout Game

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These Apps Will Help You Elevate Your Workout Game
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We at Cairo 360 are all about providing you with guides that make daily life in a busy and bustling city like Cairo a whole lot easier. Today, we are here to bring you another guide; whether you’re an amateur looking to elevate your workout game, or a fitness guru looking to optimise your physique, we are bringing you five applications that will surely help you play the health game!

Couch to 5K

This app best suits beginners. Once you register, the app will have you starting small with 20 to 30 minutes, three days a week. If you keep up the pace, the app promises to get you ready for a 5-kilometre run within nine weeks. These are the application’s features:

  • Choose four virtual trainers
  • Voice over guide is there to help you throughout the training.
  • Play your favourite
  • Calculates distance, speed, and gives navigation prompts on your chosen route.
  • Register, enrol, record your training, and share your progress with your friends.

 Available for Android and iOS users.


This application allows you to compete with runners from all over the world. You can also invite your friends to join, and have them become a part of this international running community. It’s also accompanied with audio instructions on your location, the distance you ran, as well as those of your friends.

Available for Android and iOS users.

Nike Run Club

This application is mainly designed for world-class runners. It gives directives devised by experts. Additionally, it provides its users with weekly and monthly challenges.

Available for Android and iOS users.

Weight Loss Running by Verv

If you’re running for the sake of losing weight, this is the application you should be using as it contains comprehensive fitness plans (covering both nutrition and running routines). You can choose between three different levels based on your capabilities. These are the application’s features:

  • Capture photos during training
  • Audio instructions
  • Possible to sync with other apps like Health App, Fitbit, and MapMyRun
  • A music library housing 1,000 tracks.

 Available for Android and iOS users.

Runtastic Running: Run Tracker

It is a suitable application for beginners. It allows you to track distance, time, speed, and calories. You could also opt to compete with your friends.

Available for Android and iOS users.