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‘Tis the Season for Hot Herbal Drinks, and Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Them

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‘Tis the Season for Hot Herbal Drinks, and Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Them
written by
Leena Torky

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The daily ritual of having a warm morning (or afternoon, or even evening) beverage has become second nature for most of us, and with the colder months coming along, we all crave a nice hot cup of coffee or tea. However, not all of us are too happy with the effects caffeine can have on our sleep schedule and stress levels. There are plenty of reasons to reduce your caffeine intake, but this may leave you craving for that warm cup of something. Herbal teas are extremely versatile and full of different health benefits, so we put together a little list to help introduce you to the magical world of herbal teas:


This refreshing tea is great for mental clarity and for soothing any digestive issues you may have. This is a great treat after a hearty meal.

Raspberry Leaf

This tea is packed with iron and is great for promoting uterine health, and even for helping with any pain or problems related to that certain time of the month. If you are pregnant, be careful! This tea is known to help induce labour so talk to your doctor before consuming.


This flavourful and comforting tea is full of anti-inflammatory properties. This is great if you have joint problems!


Besides smelling absolutely heavenly, this tea is great for relaxation and anxiety relief.


You can buy ginger tea bags or simply boil raw ginger root. This tea is great for digestive issues as well as aiding your body’s immune system. It’s a bit spicy but oh so refreshing!


Karkade! This tea is tart and full of fruity flavour, can be enjoyed hot or cold, and can help lower blood pressure.

Dandelion Root

This tends to be known as a “cure-all”, but is especially useful in promoting liver health and helping with urinary tract infections.


This tea has a lovely, comforting aroma and helps to relieve stress and improve sleep. Some even say it helps with clearing the skin!


Known to us Egyptians as “yansoon,” this herb is great when you have a cough or runny nose. If you grew up in Egypt, you’ve probably been recommended this tea (with honey of course) anytime you had a cold.


For this tea, you can either boil the actual turmeric root or use a powdered version, just browse the internet for all the different recipes out there! Turmeric is full of amazing health benefits, most notably its ability to relieve inflammation and help with any joint issues.