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WATCH: Know, Understand, Do Not Discriminate Against People Living With HIV/AIDS

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WATCH: Know, Understand, Do Not Discriminate Against People Living With HIV/AIDS
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Cairo 360

HIV/AIDS has to be one of the world’s most complicated illnesses; people living with HIV/AIDS not only experience compromised immune systems, they also face discrimination that stems from ignorance, stereotypes, and huge misconceptions. Such misconceptions can make life unbearable for people living with HIV/AIDS. In fact, the discrimination they face may actually be worse than their own struggle with the illness.

In light of that, Cairokee and young artist Hana Ghoneim released a new video in collaboration with UNAIDS Egypt featuring Ahmed Malek and Salma Abu Deif. In the video we see the lifelong struggles of people with HIV/AIDS. Aside from the fact they live with a chronic disease, they have to fight against the stigmas and stereotypes that people have as well as the constant piercing looks people throw at them.

The video is based on real-life events, and comes as a part of an awareness campaign courtesy of the National AIDS Campaign. The campaign seeks to shatter the negative images and stereotypes that people often associate with HIV/AIDS. As they put it, HIV/AIDS is just like any other chronic disease. They ask people to let their humanity prevail, and treat people living with HIV/AIDS with the dignity and respect that any human being deserves.

We’re hoping to see more efforts that will help end the many stigmas that still exist around HIV/AIDS.