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WATCH: Meet Nada Attia, the Egyptian Female Literally Proving That “The Sky Is the Limit”

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WATCH: Meet Nada Attia, the Egyptian Female Literally Proving That “The Sky Is the Limit”
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Change is ruffling through the business, entertainment, and political arenas. In much of the world, women are relishing in their newly acquired rights and the shattering of glass ceilings, whilst simultaneously fighting for more civil liberties and freedoms. Indeed, there’s still a long way to go; sexism and gender based biases are still evident in norms and traditions, in the workplace, and many other aspects of our daily lives. Today, women stand on the shoulders of their predecessors, the ones who have been tirelessly fighting for ages in order to uproot trenched ideologies, theories, and inequalities that negatively influence women. 

Sky’s the limit for parachuting women (literally). From a maiden jumper to a member of team UAE all in one year, the daughter of 7000 years of Egyptian heritage, Nada Attia, has managed to become a professional skydiver and shatter stereotypes. Attia, who fell in love with the extreme sport, can now pull off a drop at nearly 200 kph in only 35 seconds, while performing a number of synchronized moves, right before her and her female team members pull their chutes. Attia is also currently working to obtain a Master’s Degree in the field of Industrial Engineering at University of Sharjah.

Back in time, the female team showcased an incredible project at the Young Entrepreneur Competition: a 3D skydiving game they had developed at school. The game allows its users to virtually experience the feeling of jumping out of an aircraft. They have subsequently earned recognition from Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, and were accordingly introduced to Skydive Dubai.

Being a pioneer did eventually put a lot of pressure on Attia, from both her family members and community. In an interview with The National UAE, Attia said the following, of her and her team members; “This is the only sport I want to continue doing, especially because not many Arab and Muslim girls do it. So we’re kind of special.” Yes you are girls, yes you are!