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Your Guide to Archery in Cairo

Archers Academy Archery Hub Brilliant Archery Academy Golden Arrow Academy
Your Guide to Archery in Cairo
written by
Nada Medhat

Archery has a fascinating history, as it dates back to 72,000-60,000 years ago. It went from an essential weapon in warcraft to an aristocratic fashionable game to an Olympic sport. It also occupies its place in mythology and popular culture. From Artemis to Katniss Everdeen and from Apollo to Hawkeye, we seem reluctant to let it go obsolete. More than reluctant, in fact, the sport has been steadily gaining more and more fans every day, and whether you’re already one of them or having your awakening reading this article, we’re here to help guide you to where to start.

Archers Academy

Established in 2015, with already four branches across Cairo: Al-Maadi, Sheraton, Nasr City and Dokki, Archers Academy is living up to its aim to become one of the most important archery teaching centres in Egypt. They have had high rankings in a handful of competitions and seek to let their players find all the support to make them eligible to compete strongly in both the local and international tournaments. ​Accepting all ages from 6 up to 50 years old, they intend to widespread archery in Egypt and present equal opportunities to everyone.

Archery Hub

They’re located in both Sheikh Zayed and New Cairo. And their main aim is to push their players out of their comfort zone to achieve excellence in the ancient sport. Their prices start from EGP 250 per session.

Golden Arrow Academy 

Based in Nasr City, with two other branches 6th of October and Al-Tagamoa, Golden Arrow is all about spreading more knowledge and awareness of the sport in Egypt as well as its relation to overall better fitness. A team of professional and established coaches set up a friendly, fun environment that is also challenging, to push the players to do their best, while still focusing on the pleasure and joy of the sport. Prices vary from EGP 550 to EGP 700 per month according to the branch.

Brilliant Archery Academy

With six branches spread across Cairo in Heliopolis, Al-Maadi, A-Moatam, Al-Aagoza, Al-Oboour and a branch in October to open soon and being registered with the Egyptian Federation for the Bow and Arrow, Brilliant Academy is a well-established place that you can count on to start your archery career. They accept nearly all ages and are all about creating a tight-knit friendly community between the coaches and the players that is full of celebration and challenges. Their prices range from EGP 600 to EGP 750 per month depending on the style of archery. Sessions per month are from 6 to 8, again, depending on the style.