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Your Ultimate Guide to Healthy Summertime Skin

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Your Ultimate Guide to Healthy Summertime Skin
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Sun exposure is crucial and has countless benefits, including the provision of sufficient Vitamin D for our bodies. But putting aside its health benefits, sun exposure can also be detrimental to our health if we’re not fully aware of proper care techniques.

Perhaps one of the biggest negative effects of sun exposure is what it can do to our skin, so if you’re looking to maintain your skin in its prime, take note of these skin care tips for hot weather. We’re nearing the peak of the summer, and high temperatures are to be expected for a few months ahead, this makes it even more crucial for us to abide by these tips. 

1. Dehydration is your enemy.

The clearest and most obvious tip for skin care and protection against hot weather, is drinking enough water. This helps keep your skin moist and protected, and we’re advised to drink between 2 and 3 litres of water per day, depending on each individual’s body.

2. Fix what’s broken.

Skin care is about maintaining skin in a healthy condition, which is why dead skin must be taken out of the picture. There are many scrubs and creams available for such purposes.

3. Veggies and fruits are your friends.

Make sure to include vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidants in your diet, and preferably those with a good amount of Vitamin C. This helps give your skin the collagen it needs to stay healthy.

4. A bath a day keeps sweat away.

Summer and hot weather promotes sweat, and that’s never good for your skin, so make sure to take proper baths or showers in order to keep sweat away. 

5. Use sunblock.

Regardless of whether or nor you are hitting the beach, it is highly advisable that you use sunblock, and renew its application every 3 hours or so.

6. Use non-chemical/natural soap bars.

Head to a local pharmacy and ask for medical soap bars.These bars lack any chemicals/scents that may dry up your skin.

7. Minimise your exposure to the sun.

We know Egypt’s sandy beaches are perfect for tanning but you ought to limit the amount of time you spend in the sun, especially between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm.

8. Moisturise your skin. 

Contrary to what you think, hot weather can have a drying effect on your skin as much as cold wind does. Moreover, just because your skin gets excessively oily during the summer, does not mean you can skip out on moisturising your skin daily. 

9. In case you get sunburnt… 

If you find yourself getting sunburn make sure to soothe it with Aloe Vera Gel. 

10. Avoid these foods and drinks. 

Avoid sugar, oily foods, and caffeinated drinks as much as possible. These foods can trigger acne break outs, and may place you at a higher risk of dehydration.