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Zamalek Fined Thousands of Pounds after Premier League Win

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Zamalek Fined Thousands of Pounds after Premier League Win
    written by
    Mohamed Raafat

    Image credit: Goal

    After six years, Al-Zamalek finally won the Egyptian Premier League after a long rivalry with their ultimate nemesis, Al-Ahly. A combination of excellent performance throughout the season from Zamalek and a couple of misses from Ahly led to Zamalek’s 13th Egyptian Premier League title.

    Zamalek’s last game of the season was pretty hectic. They faced Al-Bank Al-Ahly and gained the lead at the 72nd minute; however, Al-Bank Al-Ahly scored a draw at the 84th minute, and in the last minute of the game, Al-Bank Al-Ahly turned the tables and received a penalty. Zamalek’s fans held their breaths as the kick was being taken, but a hero named Mohamed Abo Gabal saved the shot and the day for the fans.

    Zamalek won their long-awaited title, but it wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine. According to Al Masry Al Youm, the Competition Committee of the Egyptian Football Federation imposed heavy penalties on the Zamalek team and a few of its players.

    Zamalek’s player, Shikabala, suffered from the heaviest punishment as he was banned from taking part in any football game for eight months and handed a whopping 500,000 LE fine. This penalty was imposed on Shikabala for inciting riots between the fans, insulting the Egyptian Football Federation, and disrespecting the presentation ceremony.

    Another Zamalek player, Hazem Emam, was disciplined for unsportsmanlike behaviour. Emam paid a 100,000 LE fine and was banned from taking part in the next four matches.

    A final penalty of 100,000 LE was also imposed on the Zamalek club for the behaviour of their fans during the game. The club is appealing those penalties in the hope of them being reduced.