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12 Iconic Egyptian Songs That Stick In Our Heads!

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12 Iconic Egyptian Songs That Stick In Our Heads!
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With the Egyptian music industry teeming with many talents, it’s understandable that the music churned out always finds a way to stick in our heads. Sometimes, a song will even stick with us because of its festive mood and we think that should be the case for you as well.

So, if you’re feeling particularly celebratory, you should start adding these Egyptian hits that we’ve listed for you on your playlist. One thing’s for certain here: You’re going to love them. Trust us, when have we ever let you down?


1- Boshret Kheir – Hussain Al Jassmi

Even though this song came out for political purposes, people are still jamming to it until this very day. We don’t know what’s so addictive about this song, but whenever it plays, we instantly start listing the governorates alongside Hussain Al Jassmi. Isn’t that a fun activity to get the party started?


2- 3 Daqqat – Abu (Ft. Yousra)

Abu became really famous following this collaborative song with the legendary Yousra at the first edition of the El Gouna Film Festival in 2017. The timeless hit that is 3 Daqqat started playing everywhere after its release, especially at weddings and engagement parties, which only makes sense.


3- Bent El Geran – Hassan Shakoush and Omar Kamal

Sha’abi songs may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this song, in particular, was irresistible! Bent El Geran became one of the most popular songs worldwide—it even became a viral online trend. And we’d like to thank Hassan Shakoush and Omar Kamal for waking up and choosing to write a song for people to party to for ages to come!


4- Ah Law Le’bt Ya Zahr – Ahmed Sheba

We first encountered Ah Law Le’bt Ya Zahr in the movie Oceans 14. Despite the film not being very popular, this song definitely stepped out of its shadow and reached the fame it deserved. This song and Ahmed Sheba’s crooning voice will surely put you in a dancing mood. We’re even sure you already know its lyrics by heart from how much it’s been played.


5- Ekhwaty – El Sawareekh

Another Sha’abi hit that is still iconic, Ekhwaty took the spotlight when it first dropped, so it only makes sense that we’ve all heard it everywhere. Maybe you heard it at a party or wedding celebration or even seen it being used for viral online trends, but whatever the case, we’re sure it was stuck in your head for months.


6- Dorak Gai – Wegz

We need to make this song a sponsor for the year 2020. Especially because it marked the start of the pandemic as well as the rise of TikTok taking over our lives, with this song becoming one of its most-used sounds.

Whether you made a video with it or played it over and over with your friends, this song is iconic in every single way.


7- Mafia – Mohamed Ramadan

Most of Mohamed Ramadan’s songs instantly become stuck in our heads because they’re so catchy, but this one was played all over Egypt wherever you went. Even if you were at a chic café or a restaurant catering to a young crowd, this song was constantly playing. One thing we don’t think we’ll forget about is the choreography as well—it’s ingrained in our blood now.


8- Keify Keda – Wegz

Wegz never disappoints, does he? For this entry, we decided to focus on Wegz as he does what he does best: Make a song go viral before it even gets released. This song was everywhere online, from memes to TikTok sounds. When it was finally released, it hit millions in no time, and it’s even stuck in our heads now as we’re writing you this article!


9- Ta’ala Adala’ak – Bahaa Sultan

Bahaa Sultan’s comeback was strong, so it only makes sense that this song was stuck in many people’s heads once it was released.

However, there’s another reason for its popularity: We just can’t get enough of Bahaa Sultan, and we’ve missed his music too much. Ta’ala Adala’ak is so good we can’t stop playing it at every given opportunity.


10- Mesaytara – Lamis Kan

Lamis Kan made history with this one. Even non-Egyptians overseas sing along to Mesaytara and are absolutely charmed by it. It’s an empowering ballad that so many people love because of how strong women seem when they sing it. Regardless of gender, though, we’re certain everyone has it stuck in their heads.


11- Enta Estesna’y – Mahmoud El Esseily and Bahaa Sultan

For some reason, all bank advertisements in Ramadan give us inspirational songs we can easily sing along to. Mahmoud El Esseily always gives us chills when he sings these ads, but with Bahaa Sultan joining forces with him for this one, the song went from catchy to legendary. It’s not hard to say this song gave us a boost of confidence as well as a surge in emotions.


12- Bel Bont El Areed – Hussain Al Jassmi

Out of nowhere, Hussain Al Jassmi releases another smashing hit that we don’t think anyone will disagree on. Bel Bont El Areed is one of the singer’s warmest and sweetest songs that we Egyptians like so much. Why? Well, because dancing to Hussain Al Jassmi songs is in our blood, of course!