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360 Essentials: Top Five Fantastic Music Sites

360 Essentials: Top Five Fantastic Music Sites
    written by
    Soraya Morayef

    You’re in
    your office cubicle, staring at the computer screen, checking
    when you should really be checking the numbers of your earnings report. Your
    colleague in the neighbouring cubicle is blaring an annoying Tamer Hosny
    treble-heavy hit, and all you really want is some decent music to stream,
    download legally, or to read about. Have no fear, Cairo 360 is here with the
    Top Five Fantastic Music Sites that will fit your mood, influence your musical
    taste and open you up to a whole new horizon of music out there. Just as its
    name says, this website plays a list of songs according to your mood. Promoting
    itself as the ’emotional internet radio’, the site’s homepage features a large box
    of words like ‘Road Trip’, ‘Sleepy’, ‘Let’s Party’, ‘Cleaning’ and ‘Good Karma’.
    Click according to your mood, and the site will stream a diverse selection of
    everyone from Primal Scream to Justice and from Iron & Wine to Esthero. With a simple mechanism and an
    unimaginative blue screen, has a search box, where you just type
    in the name of the band or musician that you love, and the site will create a
    cloud of artists with similar sounds. The ones closest to your search word are
    the ones with the most similar type of music. This site is really helpful in
    expanding your knowledge of different music genres and will help you discover
    lesser known artists that play the type of music you love. is an online jukebox with 22 playlists
    of different genres from dancehall to dubstep to rock. Each playlist has been
    handpicked and filled with 22 tracks, selected by specialized DJs from
    Amsterdam. The site promotes legal downloading off iTunes and asks users to
    promote their favourite tracks by sharing on Twitter. If you like a track, you
    click the heart icon next to it and then all your favourite tracks will appear
    on your very own My22 playlist, which you can listen to for free for a whole month. We were
    impressed with their eclectic playlists, with quality tracks by Martina Topley
    Bird, Hot Chip, Kid Cudi, Interpol, N.E.R.D and The Roots. Also check out their
    unsigned playlist, full of amazing unexposed talent. The hype
    machine features all the new music– both underground and popular­– that the
    hottest music blogs are raving about. It’s mind-numbing to discover how much quality
    music is out there that never makes it onto mainstream radio. Hypem solves that
    issue with its very own live radio that streams all
    the tracks that have been blogged about in the past week. Be sure to check out
    the site’s Zeitgeist category, which
    features a list of the top 50 most blogged about artists with fascinating
    original graphics by 50 visual artists.
    Also check out their Top songs of 2009, which you can stream or download
    legally, and includes some stellar remixes of some of last year’s indie and pop
    hits. We like the Coldplay+MGMT+Daft Kids’ ‘Kids in Technology Remix’, the Fred Falke remix of Little Boots’ ‘New In Town’and the A-track remix of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s ‘Heads Will Roll’. has actually been around
    since 1995 and focuses on independent music, specifically indie rock, but
    there’s also a lot of quality jazz, funk, electronic and folk music on the site
    too. Featuring album reviews, music news and spotlights on relevant musicians
    that the world needs to know about, is everything we’d expected
    mtvonline to be; only it’s cooler and grittier. With its own TV station that
    you can stream online, the site also lists the best new albums and artists, as
    well as a sidebar of the site’s recommended playlist tracks that you can stream
    or download.