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Win! Tickets to Red Bull Soundclash: Cairokee vs Wust El Balad!

Win! Tickets to Red Bull Soundclash: Cairokee vs Wust El Balad!
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Cairo 360

As you may know – because we haven’t stopped talking about it – Cairo 360 celebrates its three year anniversary this month, which naturally has us deliriously excited, thankful and full of smug. Subsequently, we’re feeling a little generous and are looking forward to celebrating another occasion; one of a competitive musical nature. This month, Red Bull Soundclash pits two of Cairo’s most popular bands in a battle of musical pugilism. Interested? Read on.



What? Our good friends at Tazkarty are giving away 10 tickets to 10 lucky Cairenes – each of which would otherwise set you back 150LE – for this month’s Red Bull Soundclash, pitting Cairokee and Wust El Balad against each other. Who will win? You decide!

Where? There aren’t many expansive, open spaces that can hold such an explosive event, but Cairo Festival City provides the perfect backdrop to this huge battle of bands.

Why? Because nothing like a little bit of competition to get the adrenaline pumping – only one band can emerge victorious!

How do I get my hands on it? It’s easy! Just answer this simple question: What is the name of Cairokee’s debut album? (pssst, clues are here)

Now what? Send your answers to, including your full name and contact details with ‘Red Bull Soundclash Competition’ in the subject line. The competition ends at midnight on Wednesday March the 19th; so hurry up and send your answers in! Terms and Conditions apply.

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