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Amir Eid’s New Song Has Officially Raised Our Adrenaline to Dangerous Levels

Amir Eid’s New Song Has Officially Raised Our Adrenaline to Dangerous Levels
written by
Cairo 360

Have you heard Amir Eid’s new song? Maybe you didn’t hear about it, perhaps you saw it but never got the chance to give it a listen. It’s probably because you’ve been a bit too busy with work. The song can’t be the only thing you didn’t get the chance to do, work can be overwhelming. Ironically enough, this is what the song is all about.

Featuring a beautiful desert area and an arsenal of Fords treating the sand hills as minor road bumps, Amir Eid sings about our need for a getaway from our routines. You know, all work and no play, that sort of thing. This inner desire for an adrenaline rush is what inspires this whole music video. It allows us to escape from the depressive winter mood and into the warm and free Egyptian desert. Why don’t you take a look for yourself?

What we also got from the video is how one’s car can be like a second – moving – home. By time, you form a sort of connection with your car, you get comfortable with it, and you hope to find features within that vehicle that make your life easier. That’s exactly what Ford wanted to show us in this video.

This video features a cool and eclectic mix between Ford Kuga’s 2015, and 2016 models. It also features the face lifted 2017 model. The Kuga is all about comfort, freedom, and power. Indeed, Ford has designed this car in a manner that gives its drivers complete control, and something to help them break their mundane routines. It shouldn’t be a surprise, therefore, that the new Ford Kuga was the vehicle of choice, when it came to driving Eid’s freedom loving message home (pun intended).

Being an all-wheel drive car, with its whopping 180 HP, the Kuga can take on almost any terrain with ease. You can see in the video, as it graces through sand dunes. It has been redesigned inside and outside to have a sportier look that matches the power and performance it has to offer.

But engine and design are not the only changes. The new Kuga is home to a host of features. In terms of technology, the Kuga has hands-free activated lift-gate, so if you’re heading to the car with heavy bags in both hands, you can simply kick beneath the rear bumper, and the car’s boot will open automatically. They’ve also added adaptive bi-xenon headlights, increasing visibility around curves and over hills.

Finally, Kuga has been designed to be a very safe car. There are 7 airbags distributed in the car, ensuring that all passengers are completely protected from any type of accident. Not to mention Anti-lock braking system (ABS), and electronic stability program (ESP), as well as hill launch assist (HLA). In other words, if you are looking for an adventure this vehicle will ensure you have fun in the safest way possible!

The Ford Kuga is a powerful family SUV with loads of fun features and safety technologies. Nothing shows its spirit more than Amir Eid’s song.