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Cairo Guide: Guitar Lessons in the Capital

Cairo Guide: Guitar Lessons in the Capital
written by
Waleed Abuarab

Music has always been a big part of life in Egypt and now, more and more people are looking to take music lessons in Cairo; whether your musical aspirations lie with the guitar, violin, piano, oud, or drums, the demand is high. Naturally, where there is demand, sooner or later, there will be supply, and Cairo 360 is always here to oblige.

Influence of western music has naturally bred a whole generation of guitarist-wannabes. From jazz and folk, to rock and metal, the guitar is a versatile and essential element of the evolvement of modern Egyptian music. Due to this reason alone, there has been a huge increase of expert guitarists in Cairo who are ready and willing to pass on their knowledge.

When it comes to services such as these, one would be forgiven for treading cautiously. But here at Cairo 360, we’re committed to endorsing only the best that Cairo has to offer and we’ve compiled the most dependable instructors and institutions for your guitar-ing needs.

Independent Lessons:

Wessam Sultan offers private classes for beginners, the location and time of which is up to you. Sultan offers one-hour classes at 100LE. Call 01114565741 to get in touch.

Bahaa El Dahaby specialises in rock and metal guitar lessons, but he can also teach the basics using an acoustic guitar to begin with. The location and time is up to you; call 01224312950 for more information.

Mena Ezzat is a good option for those who consider themselves to be at a more advanced level and are looking to learn how to make an electric guitar scream. He is available at several locations for 100LE per session. Call him on 01117179758 for more information.

Sherif Watson is all about the world of blues and his lessons are priced slightly higher at 150LE. However, he is versed on the complexities of the electric guitar, too. Available for lessons at his Manial home, or elsewhere if you prefer, call 01222829020 to get in touch.

Mostafa Fathy is a sound engineer and specialises in teaching guitar in several different musical genres. There are no fixed prices as such, so a little negotiation would be in order. This applies to location and time of the lessons too; call 01146165372.


Music Studios/Centres:

Studio Wave: Located in Dokki, there are several instructors available for lessons; Samer George, the bassist of popular Egyptian band, Eftekasat, offers a beginner’s class, or you can ask for Ashraf Mansour or Tamer Brazily. You can pay per class (100LE) or sign up for a course that consists of four to eight classes. The studio is open for lessons from 2PM to 11PM; call 01004765157 for details.

Legato Music Centre: Located in Nasr City, Legato Music Centre works according to set classes of four, which can take place between 10AM and 8PM. Call 01207666426 for details on fees.

Frequency Studio: Situated in Roxy, Heliopolis, there are several instructors at Frequency Studio, where a one-hour class will set you back 100LE. Call 01006019964 or 01113566665 for more information.

Kaythara Music Centre: Offering classes on a variety of instruments, Kaythara Music Centre’s guitar courses are comprehensive and lengthy. The centre is located in Heliopolis; call 01006566625 for more details.

El Sawy Culturewheel: Among many music classes, El Sawy also offers guitar lessons. While some instructors there are available for private lessons, El Sawy Culturewheel offers them at cheaper rates, though times are fixed. Call 0227366178 or 0227368881 to find out more.

Whether you decide to take classes independently or as part of a set course within a centre is a choice that only you can make. The most important thing for any budding guitarist is to find an environment that suits them best. Owning your own instrument is of course preferable and a basic acoustic guitar can be found for 300LE-500LE at any music shop around Cairo.

Happy strumming, Cairo!

Translated from Cairo 360 Arabic