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Egyptian Classical Musicians Offering Classes: Join Tasnim Hisham’s Piano Classes Now!

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Egyptian Classical Musicians Offering Classes: Join Tasnim Hisham’s Piano Classes Now!
written by
Salsabil Yasser

Here’s a tale as old as time: You take music classes as a 10-year-old and then abandon all your musical endeavours, only to have “learn music” on your long list of New Year’s resolutions. We know the “music classes” thing might be a unique experience, but we think it’s time you check your musical goals off your list, and there’s no better time for this than the present. We’ve brought you the best classical music teacher in Egypt, so there are no excuses for not starting your journey now! Tasnim Hisham, a true inspiration in Egypt’s classical music scene, has consistently showcased her brilliance not just as a classical pianist but also as a dedicated mentor and guide. Her musical journal, embedded with intense dedication, is one that rightfully deserves the spotlight. With this in mind, we have asked Tasnim some questions so you will get to know your next music teacher better!

Tasnim began her musical journey at the tender age of ten in Suzanne Mubarak’s Family Library. Later on, the Cairo Opera House welcomed her with open arms, teaching her almost everything she needed to know about music and becoming her musical home for over a decade. Graduating from the Fine Arts faculty, Tasnim’s education not only provided her with technical proficiency, but also with a deep appreciation for the artistic diversity that surrounded her. She says that this artistic diversity has helped her gain the empathy and perspective she now needs as a music teacher.

At just 14, Tasnim embraced the role of teacher, sharing her love for the piano with the young beginner students at Suzanne Mubarak’s Family Library, which marked the start of her dual journey as both a performer and an educator. With a certification from Trinity College London and being a continuous learner, Tasnim is currently pursuing their renowned LTCL,showcasing a fundamental top-notch teacher quality.

With a teaching approach rooted in empathy and adaptability, Tasnim tailors her classes according to each student’s needs, aspirations, strengths, and weaknesses. With this in mind, her classes will probably feel quite therapeutic; she will adjust everything according to your pace. We all desperately need that, right? Even though Tasnim is a classical pianist whose passion is spreading classical music in Egypt, she teaches more than just classical music. Whether you’re looking to learn pop music, classical repertoire, or maybe even just music theory, Tasnim is your girl!

Tasnim’s most important rule, however, is to stay consistent. Whatever your goal is, quitting is not an option. If you cannot study for weeks and months on end, she encourages students to at least show up to her classes, talk to her, and practise with her. Worry not; there’s absolutely no pressure with Tasnim, all thanks to her empathetic, therapeutic teaching approach.

Tasnim’s dedication and consistency shine through her inspiring future plans. Very soon, she plans to do a classical piano performance, but it will not be your typical, run-of-the-mill piano performance. She describes this upcoming project, which she will share more details about soon, as “conceptual, new, and experimental”, explaining that it has not been done before—at least in Egypt.

Another plan Tasnim has – which we are all anticipating – is opening her own teaching studio. This studio will not just be a stepping stone for Tasnim but for the whole music industry!

However, if you want to learn music from Tasnim right now, you can do so. In fact, now is the perfect time to start; she currently has open slots—which does not happen very often!

For more information about Tasnim’s classes and to make a reservation with her, visit her Instagram accounts here or here.