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How to Become a Rock Star in Cairo Part One: Choosing & Buying Your Instrument

How to Become a Rock Star in Cairo Part One: Choosing & Buying Your Instrument
written by
Omar Yousry

The music scene in Egypt is as exciting and versatile as it is unpredictable; Oriental rock, electronic music, indie, heavy metal – you name it, Egypt has it. In the last decade, many local artists have emerged, showing us that making it in the music world involves much more than just having a talent; it’s about hard work, perseverance and, importantly, standing out from the crowd.   

For all of you out there who would like to make it in the music world but don’t know the way, in a four part feature, we will guide you through where to get your instrument, where you can learn, where you can jam and finally and where you can perform.

First things first, you have to figure out which instrument you’d like to play; will you be rocking on an electric guitar, banging your head with some drums or laying down some sick grooves with a bass? Maybe all you need is a microphone in your hand?

We can’t really help you with that decision, but there are several things to keep in mind. It’s important that, before you buy, you compare prices, check reviews and understand how to judge the quality of the product. Setting yourself a budget will make things easier, and don’t be afraid to engage with the music community, through chatting on Facebook groups and watching the countless YouTube videos that are available. Check out these video picks on, guitar, bass, drums  and microphones,

So, where can I get my insutrument from?

Floyd Music store

Located in Messaha Square in Dokki, Floyd Music Store has a wide array of musical instruments, from guitars to ouds, and all their affiliated accessories. Check out Floyd Music store right here.

Vibe for Developing Arts

(Photo: Vibe/Facebook)

As one of the largest music complexes in Egypt available to the public, Vibe provides a selection of services from selling, repairing and renting musical equipment, to professional mixing, recording studios and lessons – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Vibe is located in Mossadak Street in Dokki. Check out their Facebook page right here.

The Drum Shop

A shop for all your drumming needs, not only does the Drum Shop rents and sells used drums, but they also repairs old drums and offers drums lessons, providing the full package for anyone looking for all things drums-related. Check out the Drum Shop right here.

One Roof Store

As the first online shop of its kind in Cairo, One Roof is a haven for musicians and one of the best equipment stores. From instruments and accessories, to DJing equipment and recording software, the shop has absolutely everything, making them one of the biggest and best in Egypt.

Distingo Music Store

(Photo: Distingo/Facebook)

With branches on Road 9 in Maadi and 26th of July Street in Zamalek, Distingo is a music shop that offers musical equipment, guitar lessons and a wall of guitars that will make you drool. It’s great shop to browse.

El Fanny Trading

Established in 1979, El Fanny Trading is one of the oldest and most interesting musical instrument showrooms on this list, boasting an impressive selection of pianos, guitars and amplifiers. The El Fanny Trading Facebook page also keeps you posted with international musical instruments expos.   

Technical Office for Trading (TOFT)

Based in Nasr City, TOFT has been around since 1998 and offers a huge variety of instruments on its website to choose from. TOFT is located in Gaffar El Sadek Street, Nasr City. You can also check out their Facebook page here.

Gawharet El Fan Music Store

Also ocated in Nasr City, Gawharet El Fan has been known for selling the best Middle Eastern musical instruments – including oud and tabla –since 1981, but has since branched out into western instruments, offering a wide range of both. Check out their page here.

In the next article we’ll dive into where you can learn how to use your instrument and kick start your road to musical fame!