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How to Become a Rock Star in Cairo Part Three: Jamming & Practicing

How to Become a Rock Star in Cairo Part Three: Jamming & Practicing
written by
Omar Yousry

We’ve talked about how and where to get instruments, and even about where to go and learn how to play those instruments. In the third part of How to Become a Rockstar in Cairo, we’ll help put the spotlight on places where musicians can practice and jam; places where they can be as creative as they’d like without waking up the neighbours.

Studios offer a sense of professionalism as well as a creative space for anyone who wants to experiment or practice their instruments – and there are a good few of them across the city. Some studios even offer renting studios and equipment if anyone forgot or don’t have theirs, as well as professional sound engineers to give advice, record or mix music if required.

Studio Wave

Offering two rehearsal rooms with audio recording and mixing facilities, the Dokki-based Studio Wave is also a music label – so maybe you’ll get lucky and get signed. Check out their Facebook page for more information.

Tag’z Music & Art Center

Offering a jamming studio in Maadi and a recording one upon request, Tag’z Music & Art Center is ready for anything required of them music wise and ar generally incredibly accommodating. Find out more on Facebook.

Vibe Studio

Another Dokki based studio, Vibe offers a whopping five rehearsal rooms of different sizes and rental prices. Recording is also an option, while the studio’s general reputation stands among the best.  Checkout Vibe Studio on Facebook.

Live Studio

This is one on the higher end of the scale; they have both a recording and a rehearsal options, with high end equipment all-round. Based in Nasr City, the folk at Live Studio certainly know what they’re doing and they even have a large amount of video and audio samples on their Facebook page to prove it.

ArtMania Center

New to the scene, 6th of October City’s ArtMania Center at Galleria 40 offers jamming and rehearsal studios for anyone who’d like to hone their skills and find their sound there, with state of the art equipment.

Aside from the late-night campfire image you get when you think of ‘jamming’, the main function of jamming is discovering yourself and your sound. It’s the best time to experiment and one of the few options of playing for the sake of playing, so keep experimenting and once you’ve settled on that sound, your next step is to practice, practice and then practice some more.

A good way to go is to start doing covers for already existing songs, just so you can get your foot in the door before putting together original material. The final step is recording a demo that you can send to venues to start getting gigs and play in front of a live audience – which we’ll talk more about in part four of How to Become a Rockstar in Cairo.

And at the end of the day how cool is it to say I’m going to the studio with my band – right?

Happy jamming!