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How to Become a Rock Star in Cairo Part Two: Learning & Mastering Your Instrument

How to Become a Rock Star in Cairo Part Two: Learning & Mastering Your Instrument
written by
Omar Yousry

In the first part of How to Become a Rock Star in Cairo, we talked about the different musical instruments available and where to get them. Now that you’ve picked one, we’ll be getting into where you can get lessons and begin to master your instrument. Now before we go into the list, we need to keep some points in check to guide you in the learning process.

You will fail – a lot – but that doesn’t mean that you should stop; it’s true that practice makes perfect and you need learn from your mistakes and motivate yourself to move forward while experimenting with different variations to find the sound you’re looking for, while also having fun in the process – which is the most important aspect of it all.

Where to Learn:

Studio Wave

Located in Dokki, Wave offers a range of different options, which from basic beginner classes, to complete packages. Be sure to discuss what might best suit you and keep an eye on their Facebook page for their ‘music camp’ events.

Legat Music Center

Offering several lessons and packages for several instruments including piano, guitar, drums and violin, the Heliopolis-located Legat also offers choir, drama etiquette and arts, if you want to unleash your creative side as well. Check them out here.

Tag’z Music and Art Center

With almost all instruments available to be taught, Tag’z Music and Art Center has it all and consider themselves “a haven from the stress and the depression of the world”. Tag’z are a Maadi based family studio that will help you reach your musical potential.

Vibe Studio

The self-proclaimed first and largest integrated musical complex in Egypt, Vibe Studio in Dokki has a large selection of services and offers quality education in contemporary music. With a huge name to live up to, Vibe Studio is one of the most popular on this list.

The Drums Shop

The percussion specialist on our list, in addition to selling, renting and repairing, The Drums Shop teaches and breathes drums by this and is the best place for drumming enthusiasts.

Gawharet El Fan

One of the oldest names on our list, Gawharet El Fan – GEF for short – has been known for their old roots as well as their big collection of musical instruments from both the eastern and western parts of the world. Located in Nasr city they also provide lessons on these instruments as well as events to have fun at.

ArtMania Center

The latest new addition to the scene, ArtMania Center at Galleria40 in Sheikh Zyed offers music lessons as well as music instruments for sale, with a state-of-the-art studio and equipment, giving them an edge over some smaller-scale places

Or Teach Yourself…

YouTube is obviously the cheapest and easiest way to get lessons – or video tutorials to be exact. With that in mind, you can still look for alternative channels that make you comfortable when learning your instrument at your own pace.

For Guitars: Martyzsongs

Marty Schwartz has one of the most famous guitar-teaching channels on YouTube, thanks to the fact that he’s easy to understand and repeats himself at different speeds so you can see your progress. His videos range from tutorials to songs, in different styles, which will satisfy any guitaring needs. You can check his old channel too which has 1.5 million subscribers.

For Bass: Scott’s Bass Lessons

The – self-proclaimed – fastest growing and largest online education resource there is, Scott’s Bass offer different styles of teaching, with some of the more popular video covering specifics such asor slap techniquesand even improvisation – everything that you’ll need to learn the bass is right here.

For Drums: Drumeo

Considered the biggest drumming lessons channel on YouTube, Drumeo takes everything with a step-by-step process, accompanied with tablature and different speeds, going as far as explaining how each move is taken and why.  Their lessons are in the form of a progression or level system and so when one is done, you can’t help but get into the next video.

Remember, that practice and dedication are the only ways to get better, so start practicing and soon you’ll be playing in studios and starting jamming sessions – which is coincidently the subject of the next part of this series. Stay tunes!

In part three of How to Become a Rock Star in Cairo, we'll tell you how to get involved in the local music community and showcase your newly found skills. See you next time!