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Mix El Balad: Hassan El Shafei Uses ‘Sounds of Egypt’ in New Song

Mix El Balad: Hassan El Shafei Uses ‘Sounds of Egypt’ in New Song
written by
Steve Noriega

The name Hassan El Shafei has become synonymous with the kind of audio sugariness that we all crave in the summer. After the April release of Lessa Fi Kaman, which saw El Shaffei recruit singer-songwriter, Shady Ahmed, the man who many consider one of Egypt’s quickest rising music stars is back with another summer hit – but one with a twist.

El Shaffei is as prolific a producer and composer as he is a performer, but this Pepsi Music Challenge might have been the most out-of-the-box test of his skills yet.

Launched in December 2015, Pepsi sent out a call to fans in Egypt to send them the ‘sound of their nation’, with which El Shafei put together a seamless track that brings together all manner of random sampling – thing everything from a bell on a bike, to a mother tut-ting at her son.

The track continues Hassan El Shafei’s steam of collaborations with Pepsi as he continues to emerge as one of the most in-demand musicians, not only in Egypt, but across the Middle East.

For more information, check out the official Hassan El Shafei Facebook page.