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Ramadan’s Top 10 Opening Soundtracks

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Ramadan’s Top 10 Opening Soundtracks
written by
Mohamed Adly

Viewers may not always stop to ponder the beauty of an opening soundtrack. This is especially true for those who watch shows on YouTube, and fast forward through them. But for TV viewers, these soundtracks are not something to be skipped, but rather to be noticed. No matter how annoying it gets, or how stupid the lyrics may be, sometimes we’re rewarded. Sometimes the opening soundtracks are so good, they make us thankful for not having the ability to skip them.

Today we’re counting down Ramadan’s top opening soundtracks.

10th Place: Julia – Aam Betghayar by Nancy Ajram

Lyrics by Ahmed Mady and composed by Ziad Burjy, Aam Betghayar is a song with a beautiful melody and is sung by the amazing Nancy Ajram. Despite the show not being Egyptian, the song managed to become very popular in Egypt, which is proof of just how good it is.

9th Place: Ayoub – by Abdo Selim

As unique as Mostafa Shaaban’s performance is to that of last year, the opening soundtrack is also quite distinct. Sung by Abdo Selim, the song is composed by Eslam Sabry, and the lyrics are by Emad Salem. The song is very similar to Sufi songs/chants.

8th Place: Nesr El-Saeed End Credits

Ahmed Sheba has exploded in recent years with his unique Shaabi style. Since he rose to fame, he has kept releasing one hit after another, and this one is no different. Lyrics by Reda El-Masry and composed by Fares Fahmy, Sheba has truly outdone himself in this song, which has reached over 10 million views on YouTube.

7th Place: Amr Waqe3 – Tafa2alo Bl 5eir by Yasmin Ali

Despite the show not receiving that many views, the song by rising star Yasmin Ali is very special and well-received. Lyrics by Tamer Hussein, and composed by Amr Mostafa, this song is perhaps the launch of a new megastar called Yasmin Ali.

6th Place: Laanet Karma – by Adam

Aside from Haifa Wehbe’s talent in singing and acting, she’s blessed with the ability to make good choices. This is made especially clear by the fact that she has never chosen to sing the opening soundtrack for any of her shows; she chooses to leave this job for other singers that may be more suitable. Adam is one of those singers who is capable of capturing emotions and pain with his voice. The song is composed by Mohamed Waziry, produced by Mohamed Medhat, and the lyrics are written by Ahmed El-Malky.

5th Place: Mamnoo’ El-Eqterab Aw El-Taswir – by Angham

Angham’s presence is essentially one of the best things about this show. Lyrics by Amir Teaima, the song is composed by Walid Saad, and produced by Ahmed Ibrahim.

4th Place: Abo Omar El-Masry – Shar3 El-Sama by Hussein El-Gasmy

The opening soundtrack is as controversial as the show. It divided opinions between those who absolutely loved it, and others who felt it was not up to El-Gasmy’s standards. Written by Ayma Bahgat Qamar, and composed by Walid Saad, the song has definitely proven to be a stand-out performance this Ramadan.

3rd Place: Ded Maghool – Eisht W Shoft by Elissa

This is not the first collaboration between Elissa and Ghada Abdel Razeq. The megastar has previously performed the opening soundtrack for Ghada Abdel Razeq’s Ma3 Sabq El-Esrar. What we really liked about the song was not just her voice, but the passion within Elissa’s vocal chords. Written by Tamer Hussein and composed by Amr Mostafa, this song is a true hit.

2nd Place: Taye3 – by Wael El-Fashny

Wael El-Fashny’s performance lifted this song to higher levels. The song draws a lot from Upper Egypt Folklore to pay tribute to the show’s plot, and it does so exceptionally well.

1st Place: Layaly Augini – Hobbi Lik by Nesma Mahgoub

Watching the show is like standing in front of a beautiful painting with intricate details. That feeling is so powerfully complemented by the masterpiece that is Nesma Mahgoub’s opening soundtrack. Another song written by Amir Teaima, Hobbi Lik and composed by Hisham Nazih, who is also responsible for a number of huge musical productions, the melody encompasses Nesma’s beautiful voice so smoothly that it feels like a match made in heaven. A true harmony of elements that will surely give you goosebumps.


Translated by: Sherif Khairy