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WATCH: Ahmed Mekky’s Newest Music Video Receives More Than 2 Million Views in a Day

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WATCH: Ahmed Mekky’s Newest Music Video Receives More Than 2 Million Views in a Day
written by
Sherif Khairy

Mekky is back with yet another song. A long time ago, Mekky started his career in Egyptian cinema by directing Al-Hassa Al-Sab3a starring Ahmed El-Fishawi, a hilarious movie, but one that didn’t get much acclaim at the time.

Afterwards, Mekky disappeared for a while. After bursting back onto the scene, again with Ahmed El-Fishawi, as the hyper active H Dabbour, a lovable character in the hit TV Show Tamer W Shaw2eya. Mekky capitalised on this role by reprising it in Adel Imam’s Morgan Ahmed Morgan, before giving audiences a final look at the character in his first leading role, H Dabbour. A bunch of hilarious movies and the hugely successful Al-Kabir series made Mekky a household name. He launched a rap album in the process, and set himself up for great things, before finally releasing two flops back to back, and seemingly disappearing again.

Before Ramadan of last year, Mekky returned to the scenes with the launch of his new Facebook page, and told the world the story of how illness got the better of him. His first return to the small screen was in the Ramadan series Khalsana B Sheyaka, and since then he has been focusing on his rap game, with a few singles rocking social media

The latest song is Aghla Men Al Yaqout, in which he sends a message to his son. His words hit very strongly, as he beautifully articulates all the feelings a parent would have, his advice for his child, his hopes for his life, and his final wishes too.

While Shady Al-Saied was in charge of the melody and music production, Mekky was in charge of almost everything else, directing the visually stunning clip, and of course, writing the lyrics for the song itself. The beautiful scenery you see in the video is from Fayoum, showcasing the beautiful landscapes of the area, with vast desert lands hosting the beautiful oasis. See it for yourself here.

Mekky is currently working on his new album, one which will incorporate all these songs he has released lately, and hopefully more new ones as well. We can’t wait to see what else this multi-talented artist has in store for us. Way to go Mekky.