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WATCH: In Commemoration of Our Exclusive Interview With Abyusif, Here’s a Brief History of Rap in Egypt!

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WATCH: In Commemoration of Our Exclusive Interview With Abyusif, Here’s a Brief History of Rap in Egypt!
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Egypt’s music scene – past, present, and future- is filled to the brim with creative artists and producers who have dared to do something different, and who have sought to transform the tunes and grooves coming from the heart of the Nile.

When one speaks of those who have dared to try something different, one obviously must discuss those who have introduced rap music to Egypt’s music scene, aka MTM. Back in 2003, MTM came out with their famous hit “Omy Mesafra”. Aside from this song being memorised by every Egyptian born in the 1990s, it also paved the way for a new kind of music. As such, MTM opened the doors for many rappers we know today. We also have to credit Ahmed Elfishawy who, in 2008, released rap hit “Waraet Shafra”. Another Ahmed, Ahmed Mekky to be specific, also had us rapping our hearts out to the soundtracks of his movies, H. Dabbour (2008) and Teer Enta (2009).

Two years passed, and it seemed like rap was just a trend that died out. Then came the 25th of January Revolution in 2011; a time when everyone was open to change just about everything, including the type of music they listened to. Without warning, “Horeya” by Cairokee, featuring rapper Zaap Tharwat, came out and everyone at the time could not get over this song; it soon became the anthem for all those revolutionary souls, standing in solidarity in Tahrir Square. Eventually, both Cairokee and Zaap Tharwat went on to make their separate marks on the Egyptian music industry, and Zaap Tharwat re-ignited Egypt’s love for rap music sung in Egyptian dialect. It is important to note here that in 2012, Ahmed Mekky released his debut rap album: Asloh Araby.

Today’s favourite rapper is Abyusif. Abyusif has been gaining so much publicity due to his realness, his lifestyle, and his catchy tunes. Abyusif’s music is what today wants to hear; check-out our interview with the rap guru himself!