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Drinking On A Budget: 5 Pocket-friendly Nightlife Spots Around Cairo

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Drinking On A Budget: 5 Pocket-friendly Nightlife Spots Around Cairo
written by
Nelly Ezz

We just reached mid-2022, and things have taken quite an unexpected turn. From war to inflation, who knows what’s next. We are here to tell you to fear not amidst all this chaos. When everything is going wrong, at least we still have the option to go out and enjoy a few drinks with our friends. However, nightlife inflation is real; the cost of going out is undoubtedly going up – so what do we do? Nightlife can be an enjoyable experience, but it shouldn’t be a financial burden. So here are a few places around Cairo where you can get a few drinks without spending a fortune: 


This Resto Bar in Maadi serves up delicious South African food alongside a selection of cocktails and drinks. Aside from the cool nightlife presence with underground performers and DJs, their menu is reasonably priced. They have beers, mixers, shots, and cocktails ranging from EGP78 to EGP170 before taxes – talk about a bargain. Also, keep an eye out for their weekly promotions and deals – they open daily from 3 PM-1 AM. 

Cairo Jazz Club

Everyone’s favourite jazz club doesn’t need introductions, but we are specifically talking about the drinks menu this time. Their karaoke nights feature free shots for the brave, and on regular nights their cocktail menu won’t hurt your wallet. The happy hours there can get quite jolly, and their seasonal special drinks menu is always very creative. So whether it’s their Agouza or Sheikh Zayed branch, make sure to stop by for drinks ranging from EGP100 to EGP400. 

The Tap

Let us tell you why The Tap has one of the coolest options ever on drinks menus: you get to choose whether you want imported or local alcohol in your cocktail! From Salted Caramel Martinis and Bloody Marys to Berry Mojitos and Strawberry Margaritas – The Tap is there to please you and your pocket. Even if you choose imported alcohol, cocktails are usually under EGP300, and beers are under EGP100 – so head to any branch across the capital for a fun night out. 


Even though Lexie’s is a high-end restaurant and bar, its drinks selection is not to be missed. Their cocktails might be more expensive than other venues on the list, but the wine selection starts from EGP150 per glass and Sangria from EGP250. This classy Italian hot spot is in Lakehouse, New Cairo – make sure to call 01285818590 before heading there. 

Five Bells

Old is gold when it comes to Zamalek’s old-timer. Five Bells has been a prominent garden bar for night owls and more for over a decade. It’s well known for its excellent mezze and even better ambience. You can enjoy the sounds of live piano underneath the shade of trees while enjoying local wine and beer at a pocket-friendly price anytime after noon.