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Happy 20th Anniversary Cairo Jazz Club!

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Happy 20th Anniversary Cairo Jazz Club!
    written by
    Christina John

    Can you believe Cairo Jazz Club has been around for 20 years? After two decades, CJC still stands as the ultimate nightlife hotspot for music lovers and party-goers, with events happening every night of the year. So we wanted to celebrate this milestone by taking you down memory lane and bringing back our favourite moments throughout the years.

    With the help of our sister site Cairo Gossip’s lenses, we gathered a bunch of photos to remind you of these nights.

    Cairo 360’s Anniversaries at Cairo Jazz Club

    Every year, we’ve been celebrating our anniversaries at Cairo Jazz Club since we’ve been around. COVID-19 might have kept us away, but we’ll be back there very soon!

    Check out the celebration here.

    Wust El Balad at Cairo Jazz Club

    Wust El Balad frequently play at Cairo Jazz Club, and we always mark our calendars for their exceptional performances. We love this picture of Hany Adel showing his raw talent and singing his heart out, which you can check out in full here.

    Andromida at Cairo Jazz Club

    Cairo Jazz Club has always hosted tributes for artists like Amy Winehouse, Bob Dylan, and Coldplay. But, to satisfy all the Pink Floyd fanatics, CJC collaborated with Andromida, and it was an event you’d “Wish You Were Here” for.

    Check out the other side of the stage here.

    Ra2as Shanabak at Cairo Jazz Club

    Up next on our list is the unforgettable nights of Ra2ass Shanabak from 2013 and 2014. When the moustache trend was everywhere, from necklaces to notebooks and permanent finger tattoos, Cairo Jazz Club decided to hop on that bandwagon and threw a full-on moustache-themed party. Aiming to raise awareness of men’s health issues worldwide, the event mainly supported this good cause.

    Scroll through hundreds of ’staches here.

    Los Compadres & Soul Motion Dance Studio at Cairo Jazz Club

    The constant diversity of activities held at Cairo Jazz Club helps in keeping the good vibes. Owner of Soul Motion Dance Studio, Rasha Sadek, made a comeback to CJC back in 2017 by holding a free salsa class to help us catch up with the beat.

    Check out all the action here.

    Season to be Naughty at Cairo Jazz Club

    Christmas at the Cairo Jazz Club is the “Season to Be Naughty”. The 2013 Christmas celebration was not only a night where Santa was handing drinks instead of coal for all those who were bad, but this yearly Christmas charity event is the only place where you could be naughty for a good cause!

    Ho-ho-hop on over to the album here.

    Boogie Wi Tamtam at Cairo Jazz Club

    Boogie Wi Tamtam at Cairo Jazz Club; because why stick to a TV show when you can make it your night out in the city, courtesy of Ramy DJunkie?

    More iconic moments here.


    Here are a few moments from Sheikh Zayed’s Cairo Jazz Club 610, which also deserves a round of applause for giving us unforgettable memories throughout the years!

    Grand Opening at Cairo Jazz Club 610

    Throughout the years, Cairo Jazz Club has supported many local upcoming artists by giving them a stage. The multitalented Ahmed Safi got his chance to perform alongside Massar Egbari back in 2018 at none other than CJC’s stage.

    Full album here.

    Let’s Dream Big ft. Oscar and the Wolf at Cairo Jazz Club 610

    That time when Oscar and the Wolf visited Egypt for one night at Cairo Jazz Club 610. We knew immediately this one would be for the books!

    Check out the full album here.

    Hallowe’en at Cairo Jazz Club 610

    We think one of the funniest Hallowe’en moments is Valak from The Conjuring asking DJ Feedo why he is refusing to play “Dead by Dawn” by Deicide and “Poison” by Alice Cooper.

    Check out more moments here.