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The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2022: Nightlife Award Winners

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The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2022: Nightlife Award Winners
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There’s nothing that we like better than celebrating the end of our hectic work week with well-deserved, glittery parties. We like spending our time catching dazzlingly talented performers just as much and, with the many nightlife venues popping up all around Cairo, we have many options that give us the best of performances and parties.

However, only 10 of these venues keep getting better and better with time. And it’s these 10 that we’ve chosen as the winners of the 2022 Editors’ Choice Award for Nightlife!

Angélique Bistro and Bar 

Located in the Walk of Cairo, Angélique Bistro and Bar provides an experience you should not miss out on. Once you’re there, you can sample delectable dishes and have the most colourful cocktails before dancing the night away. And, no, we’re not exaggerating—after all, this establishment made our list for a reason. 

The Tap Bar and Grill

A mainstay in the nightlife world, The Tap is a quintessential Cairene gem that you can’t stop going back to. With round-the-clock live entertainment and an ambiance that effortlessly gives you the best of pub culture, it’s no wonder that this establishment stands out the way it does. If all that doesn’t show you why it’s among our winners, here’s something that will seal the deal: The Tap’s chicken wings are easily the best in Cairo. 

The Tap East

We can’t talk about The Tap without mentioning its successful branch in East Cairo, right? In fact, we’re even willing to say that The Tap East elevated its parent branch’s concept by making its location the perfect brunch spot during the weekdays and the exclusive party spot during the weekends. And, yes, the wings there are just as good as they are in the original branch. 

Cairo Jazz Club

Guess what is 20 years old and always ready for a fun time? Yes, it’s Cairo Jazz Club! Tucked into the Agouza district, CJC has been entertaining all the night owls for two decades and isn’t about to stop any time soon. If you’re looking for a guaranteed night of fun and partying, you’ll always find that and more at Cairo Jazz Club.

The Tap West

Because Sheikh Zayed partiers love a good time as much as their counterparts in central and east Cairo do, The Tap answered the call by giving Zayed its very own location. The Tap West is currently going strong with must-see lineups and entertaining evenings, cementing The Tap chain’s reputation as the ultimate night spot.  

Cairo Jazz Club 610

Do you know which other nightlife staple made the move to Zayed? If you guessed Cairo Jazz Club, then you’ve guessed correctly. Preserving the CJC essence of great music and an even greater ambiance, Cairo Jazz Club 610 can be found in Sheikh Zayed’s Al Guezira Plaza, where it continues to make the dreams of Cairo’s partiers come true. 


Want to be pampered? Feel the need to try a unique ‘bottle experience’ you’ll never forget? Then head to Shinkō and you’ll be regaled with its exciting atmosphere, inviting energy, and excellent service. Another thing that will certainly keep you entertained is the establishment’s to-die-for cocktails, all made by Shinkō’s resident mixologists.

Pier 88

With locations in Pyramid Hills, Zamalek, and ZED Park (and more!), Pier 88 is a cultural landmark in the making. Specialising in giving Egyptians an elevated dining experience, this establishment pulls all the stops in making all of its nights memorable and full of exciting moments. This strong reputation isn’t at all exaggerated, either—Pier 88 is where Egypt’s nighttime magic first unfolds.

Monkey Bar and Grill

An established part of Zamalek’s nightlife, Monkey Bar and Grill is known for three things: Its colourful cocktails, French cuisine, and a perpetually-inviting ambiance. Since the establishment itself urges us to let out our wild sides, including it in our list of best Cairene nightlife spots was a no-brainer. It should be noted, though, that Monkey Bar and Grill will be leaving its Zamalek home for a yet-unrevealed new location. Can you guess where its Sangria Tuesdays and Friday Fondues will take place now? 


Found in Sheikh Zayed’s lovely Palm Hills, Izakaya provides yet another exciting place for all West Cairenes to party the night away. Specialising in eclectic flavours by fusing Japanese and Peruvian cuisines (and cocktails), this establishment also prides itself on creating memories by giving its guests nights they’ll never forget. Visit it once and you’ll understand why it secured its place on our list!