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Weekend Guide: Black Theama, Paranoid Eyes and More

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Weekend Guide: Black Theama, Paranoid Eyes and More
written by
Christina John
Via Renfe-sncf

Are you one of the unlucky few who will be stuck in Cairo this weekend? We know that FOMO is at its highest during Eid, as your friends seem to be having the time of their lives partying and hitting the beach. Truth is, you are most probably only missing out on people passing out or awkward drunk dancing. Log out of Instagram and ignore all the fake stories because we have some good news for you! You can still enjoy your Eid.


Slapsticks at Rawabet Art Space

Founded by Saleh Sayem in early 2022, this group of comedians includes a mix of big stars in the comedy scene and also great upcoming talents. Rawabet Art Space is bringing back standup comedy night and their lineup truly looks very promising. 

For more info & tickets, click here.  

Shady Ahmed at The Tap West 

You don’t want to miss this Thursday at The Tap West as the sounds of Shady Ahmed’s guitar will send you elsewhere.

For reservations, call: 0106 0000 867 

Ubuntu Revisited at Ubuntu Art Gallery 

Imagine an art exhibit that has all the art styles that can come to mind. Ubuntu is making this come to life with the start of their 6th edition of the annual art exhibit that showcases masterpieces from previous collaborations that happened with local artists. Art pieces by Ahmed El Badawi, Aya Mostafa, Sayeda Khalil and more will be available for viewing.

For more info, click here.

Calma at The Tap Maadi 

Can’t find anything to do for date night? Calma is bringing Jazzy Pop music with a dash of Flamenco to the stage of The Tap Maadi, and it is your perfect opportunity to bond over good music and dance with your date. 

For reservations, call: 0106 0000 865

Nos Talje at The Tap East

Next stop, Memory Lane! Nos Talje will be taking the stage this Thursday with their own covers of nostalgic pop rock hits that will hopefully bring back some great memories, and will keep you entertained all night. 

For reservations, call: 0106 0000 869


Paranoid Eyes at Room Art Space Garden City 

Paranoid Eyes giving us the weekly Pink Floyd dose is now a sacred ritual that we very much cherish. As always, they will be playing your favorite hits like Comfortably Numb, Wish You Were Here, Another Brick in The Wall and more! What we personally love about this event is that all the audience sings along and you can feel the love and passion they have for music.  

For more info, click here.


Black Theama at Cairo Jazz Club 

“Eh Y3ne” everyone is going to Sahel and you are staying in Cairo? You have Black Theama who will fire up the weekend with a mix of their nostalgic songs and hits from their latest album that will keep you hyped up all night. 

For reservations, send CJC a FB message between 12-8 PM.