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Weekend Guide: Craig David, Marwan Pablo and More

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Weekend Guide: Craig David, Marwan Pablo and More
written by
Christina John

Ramadan is over and if you were away during Eid, this is your chance to party again in the capital. Summer is officially here which means partying till the morning and a lot of Advil for hangovers. This week we are celebrating the start of summer, but we got you so much more than just party events.


An Evening of Musicals at Cairo Opera House

Songs from musicals we have grown up singing will be performed by a group of insanely talented people. A collection of songs from movie musicals, and theatre hits like ones from The Greatest Showman will be performed for the interested audience.

For more info and tickets, click here.

Zahran Salama at Picasso Art Gallery 

The mesmerising work of the talented Zahran Salama will be filling the halls of Picasso Art Gallery starting May 10 until May 25. His beautiful depiction and representation of modern Arab art and the simple daily life will have you reminiscing over a time you never even experienced. 

For more info, click here.

Jiggy Band at Room Art Space Garden City 

The Godfather of Soul will be celebrated this Thursday with a tribute from Jiggy band at Room Art Space Garden City. James Brown’s music will certainly make you feel nice “like sugar and spice”.

For more info and reservations, click here.

Electric Thursday at Cairo Jazz Club 610

When we say party we mean something like this. A night full of great music and incredible vibes at CJC 610 with Fade Republic starting the night with some bangers, and then Mohasseb will be taking us to his world with his signature beats.

For reservations send Cairo Jazz Club 610 a Facebook message from 12-8 PM.


Brush It at Walk of Cairo 

What could possibly be more soothing than drinking some wine and painting during sunset? Brush it is back with one of our favorite events, this time at L’Avenue in Walk of Cairo; which means you can get an exquisite dining experience along with the art & the wine. 

For more info, click here.

Marwan Pablo at Al Ittihad Alexandria 

We expect all of Marwan Pablo’s fans to be lined up for this concert at his hometown, Alexandria. If you are all about that rap scene, make sure to get your tickets and all the snacks for a road trip to Alexandria this weekend.

For more info & tickets, click here.

Cairokee at Zed Park 

The wait is over and the concert is finally happening this weekend at Zed Park. We believe some tickets are left and you can still make it to the concert of the low key worshiped band, Cairokee. 

For more info & tickets, click here.

Run Up the Beat at Mountain View Chillout Park

Looking for something new and exciting to do? The RnB singer Craig David is coming to Egypt for a very unique performance, where you get to run to earn your entry to the concert. Finish the 5 km race and Craig David will be at the finish line ready to congratulate you with a concert. 

wFor more info and tickets, click here.

Ride Maadi 

Don’t let all the partying give you a beer belly and come workout at this bike ride event. You don’t need to bring your own bike just be there and socialize as you work out these muscles. 

For more info, click here. 

Paranoid Eyes at Room Art Space Garden City 

We can never say no to a night of psychedelic rock especially if it is a Pink Floyd tribute. The weekly dose of Pink Floyd tributes will be brought to you by Paranoid Eyes on the stage of Room Art Space Garden City. Experience how they them bring the true essence of psychedelic rock back to life.

For more info, click here.


Disco Misr at El Sawy Culturewheel 

You favorite party DJs are back with more of the retro remixes that you have loved over the years. Now we all know that wherever Disco Misr goes, the tickets and reservations are either all sold out or fully booked, so we recommend running to the ticket booth now. 

For more info & reservations, click here.

Luke Wel Batteekh at Cairo Jazz Club

End the weekend on a good note with the rising star Lella Fadda who will be debuting her album at CJC this Saturday. Get ready for a cheerful performance from the Indie-folk band Luka Wel Batteekh who never fail to bring joy to our ears and hearts with their tunes and energy. 

For reservations send Cairo Jazz Club a Facebook message from 12-8PM.

Moshtrq Takeover at Cairo Jazz Club 610 

The last Moshtrq Takeover event for this season, and it is going to be lit. A lineup of talents that will be showcasing music, live visuals and artistic work. 

For reservations send Cairo Jazz Club 610 a Facebook message from 12-8 PM.