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Welcoming Ramadan: Top 9 Ramadan Tents of 2024

Iftar Iftar and Sohour Ramadan ramadan 2024 Ramadan Tent Suhoor
Welcoming Ramadan: Top 9 Ramadan Tents of 2024
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Nothing holds a candle to Ramadan nights — the nights we fill with love, laughter, and good food. Similarly, nothing compares to spending our evenings during the holy month in one of the many Ramadan tents of Cairo, offering masterpieces of culinary and cultural experiences. Amidst the abundance of Ramadan tent choices in Cairo, if you’re in a pickle and cannot decide which one to visit, we’ve narrowed it down to a list of the top five Ramadan tents in Cairo in 2024!


Layalina Tent

This year, you can find this enchanting tent for diverse events in several spots, such as ZED Park in 6th October City and Baron Palace in Heliopolis from Friday the 15th of March. Be prepared to channel your inner royal; Layalina Tent is bound to make you feel all fancy and regal — from the attentive service to the captivating shows and decorations. At ZED Park this weekend, the performances in the tent will welcome Hana Youssry, the enchanting singer. As for Baron Palace, the performances will feature Sharmoofers. For both events, you must make a reservation beforehand through TicketsMarche. Later performances will be revealed throughout the month.

For more information about Layalina Tent, visit their Facebook page here.


Sawa Tent

Kicking off on March 14th, Sawa Tent will take place in the sublime Citadel of Salah El-Din. Get lost in the majestic intricacies of this historical landmark as you experience a delicious culinary escapade. Their catering partners this year are none other than Carlo’s Le Pacha, with all its diverse cuisines!

For more information about Sawa Tent, visit their Facebook page here.


Goz w Loz Tent

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With a daily iftar buffet and an à la carte suhour, Goz w Loz Tent at Hilton Cairo Zamalek Residences is another spot overlooking the sparkling, tranquil Nile. While indulging in their food, enjoy lively music and games. Catering to all age groups, Goz w Loz Tent awaits you for all your family and friends rendezvous!

For more information about Hilton Cairo Zamalek Residences and their Goz w Loz Ramadan tent, visit their Facebook page here


Nagham Ramadan Lounge

This year, located in the Sheraton Cairo Hotel and the AUC Tahrir’s Greek Campus, prepare for an Iftar and Suhoor unlike any other at the Nagham Ramadan Lounge. Catering for both corporate groups and individuals, everyone from every group will love this tent. Nagham Ramadan Lounge offers seven different extensive buffet menus with a plethora of options. All their menus include everything you may want – from Ramadan juices and cold mezze, to grilled items and desserts.

For more information, visit their Facebook page here.


Khan Al-Majarrah – Al-Majarrah

Featuring daily entertainment, food, and shisha, Khan Al-Majarrah in Al-Majarrah in Sheikh Zayed City is the place to go if you’re searching for the perfect place to enjoy with your big friend group. Every week, they announce their featured stars or shows, but one of their staples is an Oriental music performance. Additionally, they tend to introduce unique shows: among the highlights will be a stand-up comedy show with Alaa El-Sheikh on the 22nd of March at 11 PM, which we can safely say is one of the most distinctive ways to spend a Ramadan night, and we’re all here for it!

For more information, visit their Instagram account here.


Tiba Ramadan Tent – Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski

At the Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski hotel this year, Tiba Ramadan Tent kicked off with a delicious buffet with all kinds of options from different cuisines. For example, their buffet offers Oriental food and main courses – from chicken to beef and fish – as well as Italian food with pizza and pasta of different types. During the week, you would pay 1300 EGP, while during holidays, you would pay 2010 EGP. 

For more information, visit their Facebook page here.


Layaly Al-Asema – St. Regis Almasa

Serving some of the filling food options we all love, from grilled delights to dolmas and stuffed pigeons, Layaly Al-Asema is bound to make your stomach full and happy with its traditional Egyptian food, which will remind you dearly of home-cooked delicacies. While indulging in your food, sit back and watch the Tannoura shows, and the live music shows to immerse yourself in the full Ramadan experience.

For more information, visit their Facebook page here


Hekayatna Helwa Tent – HydeOut

Another enchanting tent catering to corporate groups and individuals alike, Hekayatna Helwa Tent, catered by St. Regis Almasa, is a culturally rich space to enjoy live music and savour their Iftar and Suhoor, which combines flavours, aromas, and textures to curate a memorable experience. Their weekly entertainment includes Takht Sharky and a DJ, as well as special superstar performances during the weekend. 

For more information, visit their Facebook page here.


Fatafet El-Sokar Tent – Intercontinental City Stars

Adorned with vibrant colours and traditional ornaments, Fatafet El-Sokar Tent has a festive ambience that will undoubtedly enhance your Ramadan experience. For an Iftar, you would need to go with a big group of 50+ people, so gather all your loved ones for a much-needed get-together. In case you don’t want a big gathering, you can always go for their Suhoor, which caters for individuals and large groups alike. 

For more information, visit their Instagram account here.