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‎10 Places to Warm Your Tummy with Yummy Asian-Style Fried Bananas

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‎10 Places to Warm Your Tummy with Yummy Asian-Style Fried Bananas
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Nelly Ezz

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Fried Banana is basically a deep-fried banana dessert; either covered in batter or not and either candied with caramel or not. It supposedly originated in Indonesia under the name pisang goreng; however, it is quite popular in most Asian cuisines such as Thai, Chinese, and Singaporean. Each region, or even restaurant, likes to put their own signature touch on the dish – which is understandable; there are a lot of ways to serve this humble sweet snack and make it unique!

We gathered up 10 places in Cairo that serve this dessert in their own unique way:

  1. Mori Sushi:

The famous Mori Sushi began as a small restaurant in São Paulo and made its way to be one of the most renowned sushi places in Egypt. On their vast and diverse menu, you can find the Banana Croquette; breaded and fried banana slices served with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream for 47LE. Mori Sushi has many branches in New Cairo, as well as 6th of October, Heliopolis, Maadi, Zamalek, Mohandiseen and even inside Smart Village.

  1. Peking:

Peking has this nostalgic feel to it – it has been Cairenes’ go-to Chinese food joint for a long time, and for a good reason; reasonable prices, sizable portions, and palatable flavours. On their dessert menu, you’ll find the Candied; it’s caramel candied banana or pineapple for 25.50LE – yes you read that right, it’s that cheap. Peking opens daily at noon and is virtually everywhere around our city; New Cairo, Maadi, Dokki, Sheikh Zayed, Heliopolis, Al Rehab City and of course, Zamalek.

  1. Red Elephant:

Located in Mohandiseen, Red Elephant has an intriguing menu with affordable Indian and Chinese dishes, including various vegetarian options. They happen to have the Fried Banana Roll on offer for a mere 30LE – sounds interesting!

  1. Wok & Walk:

Offering an array of appetisers, combo meals, and options to create your own, Wok & Walk is definitely an Asian place that pleases everyone. They have the Fried Banana with honey, served with vanilla ice cream for only 22LE – quite reasonable. Find them in New Cairo, Nasr City, Heliopolis, Maadi, and Zamalek.

  1. Kamala:

It is an Asian bar and restaurant located in the luxurious Conrad Cairo. Kamala offers an extensive menu filled with dim sum, oven roasts, curries, sushi, along with many other Asian delicacies. In their Sweet Temptation part of the menu, they describe their fried bananas as golden fritters with fruit sauce and vanilla ice cream – certainly worth a try! They open daily at 6 pm.

  1. Jo Sushi:

Situated in a cosy location in Zamalek, Jo Sushi offers numerous Japanese and Chinese dishes with great prices. They serve value platters, bento boxes, and Japanese specialities, but most importantly, they have the Fried Banana with Honey for 35LE, or with an addition of ice cream for 40LE – they’re open daily, any time after 3 pm.

  1. 8 Restaurant:

This hidden Chinese gem is in Garden City at Four Seasons Hotel Cairo. It combines a unique Chinese cuisine experience with astounding Nile views. They have a Friday Dim Sum Brunch Buffet which is quite exceptional if you are a dim sum lover. Additionally, they serve the Deep-Fried Banana with vanilla ice cream for 115LE – they open their doors every day from 6 pm.

  1. One Oak:

One Oak has made quite the name for itself the past few years, offering an assortment of steaks and sushi options.  The casual-chic chain restaurant serves –brace yourselves – the Fried Banana Wrap; fried bananas and Nutella, wrapped in a tortilla topped with caramel & Nutella sauce, served with ice cream.  All this for an incredible 65LE! What an offer! Find One Oak in New Cairo, and Sheikh Zayed, open daily around noon.

  1. Mr. Kong:

Mr. Kong is located in Mall of Arabia’s food hall and boasts top dishes such as the Chicken Wontons and Kung Pao Chicken. Along with their Japanese cheesecake dessert, they have the Fried Banana on offer for 35LE – they are also available for delivery every day from 10 am until midnight.

  1. Birdcage:

They offer an exquisite food selection with many varieties while maintaining an authentic Thai atmosphere. This high-end restaurant in Semiramis Intercontinental in Garden City boasts flavoursome, extravagant dishes with prices that do them justice. They also offer the beautiful-looking fried banana dessert with a side of vanilla ice cream. They open daily at noon, give them a try if you are up for a belly splurge.