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10 Deliciously Bizarre Ramadan Desserts You Need to Try Immediately

10 Deliciously Bizarre Ramadan Desserts You Need to Try Immediately
written by
Ramy Soliman

Ah, Ramadan. A month of over-indulging, over-eating and, basically, over-doing everything. But no matter how much we eat at fetar or sohour, there’s always room for dessert. While Oriental desserts and sweets are part of the traditional Ramadan experience, the rapidly more common fusion of Oriental and Western desserts have ravaged the city over the past couple of years, giving is Frankesntein creations that are either utterly bizarre or utterly brilliant like red velvet konafa and Nutella basbousa.     

Love them or hate them, there's certainly no escaping them and this Ramadan, Cairo's bakeries, patisseries and confectioners have not disappointed. Now, as the the definitive guide to living in the capital, we feel it is our duty to try every single one of the creations on this list, and we shall – stay tuned. Our jobs are tough, but someone's got to do it, right? In the meantime, feast your eyes on these…

1. Elvis Konafa @ Mince

This Ramadan, Mince’s renowned already gluttonous dessert, the Elvis, has transformed into the Elvis Konafa. The French toast is essentially replaced with two pieces of konafa with the same Nutella and banana filling and topped with ice cream.

2. Cheesecake Zalabya @ Coppermelt

We enjoy zalabya, konafa, chocolate and cheesecake as much as anyone – but separately. What happens when you combine all four? Coppermelt has the answer.

3. Konafa with Mango Ice Cream Cake @ Sultana

This is your typical konafa with mango; except Sultana has adddedvanilla and mango ice cream, aas well as juicy-looking mango chunks. So simple, but so brilliant.

4. Karkadeh,  Doum & Eish Saraya Éclair @ La Poire

Karkadehdoum and eish saraya flavoured éclairs. Not since the cupcake craze have we seen such meddling.

5. Red Velvet Basbousa Cupcake @ Nola Cupcakes

But then we found this.

6. Molten Lava Konafa  @ Carousel

You know that strangely satsifyng, almost hypnotising, sight of melted chocolate oozing our of a cake? Well, why not konafa, too?

7. Konafa Tiramissu @ Tortina

Just when you would think konafa couldn't be more abused, Tortina did the unthinkable and combined it with Tiramissu. It makes sense when you set it out in your mind – mascarpone cheese filling, whipped cream and kunafa layers soaked with espresso syrup.   

8. Mini Éclairs Topped with Kunafa @ L’éclair Paris

A red velvet éclair topped with date, cream and kunafa. We’re confused – but that's never stopped us from trying.

9. Basbousa Cheesecake Trifle Cup @ Tseppas

You can't go wrong with a creamy trifle, but can you handle Tseppas’ basbousa cheesecake trifle?

10. Kunafa Mashmallow  @ Brew @ Chew

Small konafa cups, topped with torched marshmallow and melted chocolate from Brew & Chew. Sounds like a yummy mess waiting to happen.

Eat responsibly, Cairo – beach season isn't that far off.