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13 Prominent Restaurants That Just Opened In Cairo

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13 Prominent Restaurants That Just Opened In Cairo
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Nelly Ezz
Image via Affinia

We are living in the golden age of dining out in Cairo. The city is now saturated with so many restaurants, cafes, and bistros that we need help keeping up. However, we decided to round up some of the most memorable ones that opened up recently and caused quite a buzz. 



Courtesy of the master chef Tarek Ibrahim, Umami recently opened its doors in New Cairo’s Garden 8 and soon followed a beachside branch in La Vista Cascada on the Northcoast. Umami is all about simple dishes but done right — big flavours in their purest form neatly presented on aesthetically pleasing plates. 


Le Relais de L’Entrecote 

Coming from Paris to our very own Arkan Plaza in Sheikh Zayed, Le Relais de L’Entrecote stirred a lot of talk among foodies and beyond. This Parisian must-try made its way to 5A by The Waterway soon after and created quite the buzz with their famous Cafe de Paris sauce and memorable juicy entrecote. 



Another splendour to open up in Garden 8 in New Cairo was Ozel. If you are a fan of Turkish cuisine, then you probably heard about it. Ozel thrives on big, bold Turkish flavours paired with a fantastic interior and an even better ambience. They just opened around a month ago, serving authentic dishes and sweets. 



You can never go wrong with international cuisines in Cairo; there is always something for everyone! Mokai is one of those places that captured the hearts of many and opened three branches. You can find a Mokai in the Mall of Egypt, Heliopolis, and New Cairo! 



Hameed caused quite a social media buzz when it opened, mainly because of its unconventional name and fantastic quality. This fast food concept serves up smash burgers, milkshakes, and chicken sandwiches — the old American-style diner way. If you haven’t tried it yet, now is your chance! You can find them in West Mark Mall in Sheikh Zayed and The Promenade in Cairo Festival City Mall. 



Cairo has caught on to the brunch culture, and restaurants are all for it! Weekend brunch and breakfast outings are now a big thing, and we love how some venues cater to those social fads just as quickly. Duchess is a breakfast and brunch restaurant that just opened in Polaris Mall, catering to all those day-outing fanatics looking for live entertainment on the weekends. 



Italian cuisine is quite popular in Egypt, but have you ever heard of Sicilian cuisine? This contemporary take on food from the Sicilian island is such a breath of fresh air. The food tastes as good as it looks, and their drinks are just phenomenal. This high-end spot is nestled in the Arkan Plaza extension in Sheikh Zayed, and a visit is due if you’re a true Italian cuisine lover. 



From the same people who brought us Izakaya, Mezcal, and Gigi — Binge is yet another successful top-notch restaurant located in Garden 8. New Cairo is undoubtedly the home of many classy venues, and Binge is one of them. It is known for weekend parties, delicious brunches, and even better drinks. 


Pablo & Abdo

Creativity is an understatement when talking about this casual dining experience. Located in Almazah, Heliopolis — Pablo and Abdo redefined restaurant genres by mixing American and Egyptian cuisine to bring us a flavour bomb of a selection and quite the Instagram presence. You can find everything from truffle feteer to shawarma tacos — the sky is the limit.



A cosy Zamalek bistro is a vibe in itself. This Italian restaurant serves up authentic woodfire pizza and pasta right in the heart of the city. With offers like the student box and 99 EGP offers, Tartufo gained popularity with many students and pizza lovers alike. 


La Ventana

You don’t need to travel to Barcelona to have a good paella. La Ventana has made this mission easier by opening its doors just last year for all Spanish cuisine lovers. The aesthetics and menu selection at La Ventana are out of this world — this Mediterranean fusion cuisine gives off great vibes and unique dishes in Sheikh Zayed’s Arkan Plaza!


Salt Of Earth

Farm-to-table has become quite popular in Cairo for the last few years, and people love it. Fresh ingredients sourced with love hit differently, and that’s what Salt of Earth wanted to achieve. From amazing fresh salads, woodfire pizza, and sushi to handcrafted burgers, grilled salmon and drinks — all are available at New Cairo’s Garden 8 and Swan Lake Northcoast. 



Armenian cuisine is intriguing, right? Mayrig is an international brand with branches in Lebanon, Maldives, Armenia, and KSA. This high-end restaurant sits on the roof of Arkan Plaza, serving up hearty authentic dishes for all Sheikh Zayed residents and visitors. It’s a one-of-a-kind chain that celebrates the rich culinary heritage of Armenia globally.