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14 Egyptian Restaurants Are Competing in the World Luxury Restaurant Awards!

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14 Egyptian Restaurants Are Competing in the World Luxury Restaurant Awards!
written by
Cairo 360

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Over the past 9 years we, at Cairo 360, have been promoting and reviewing Egypt’s lively culinary scene. Indeed, we have always brought our readers reviews of the hottest restaurants in the country. Over these years, we have also come to appreciate the sheer diversity and richness present within Egypt’s restaurant scene. Additionally, we have borne witness to the importance of healthy competition within that very scene; given how vast Egypt is, restaurants which merely meet expectations are not enough to leave a lasting mark. As such, any restaurant looking to cement its name must aim to excel in all ways possible. Consequently, all restaurants ought to look beyond providing great food, as this is not sufficient; restaurants must perceive dining-out in Egypt as a comprehensive experience, where every possible detail (from ambience to service, to internal decorations) has to be nothing short of perfect in a scene as competitive as Egypt’s restaurant scene.

Speaking of healthy competition, The World Luxury Restaurant Awards inspire excellence and ignite healthy competition in the luxury restaurant industry. They enable restaurants to compete in their chosen category, from a list of 84 categories. They also aim to highlight unique features of restaurants, thereby increasing competition globally and ultimately raising the level of food quality and the standards of service in the luxury restaurant industry.In the 2018 competition, two of Egypt’s famous restaurants, TAO in Dusit Thani and Bella Vista Restaurant & Lounge, located in Baron Hotel, both won awards.

This year, 2019, a total of 14 well known and established Egyptian restaurant – including Pier 88, Le Deck, Vivo, Birdcage, and many more – have participated in this year’s award. Additionally, last year’s winners are also competing. The voting has already started and is based on the food experience as a whole, combined with aspects of service excellence, presentation, quality, and menu choices as well. Votes are mainly from guests, but also from industry professionals that approve and support their establishments.

Best of luck to all participants!