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6 Casual Spots You Will Love at The Drive By The Waterway

6 Casual Spots You Will Love at The Drive By The Waterway
written by
Nelly Ezz

There are great eats on every street of the capital. However, people have been relentlessly pursuing good vibes in recent years as cool hangouts are no longer just about good food. Good vibes exist in places where the atmosphere provides almost as much pleasure as the food itself due to the combination of a superb location, unexpected decor, buzzy energy, and calm lighting, all of which are important to achieving the perfect hangout. And this is where The Drive comes into play. You can chill around with friends, bring your pets, as well as grab a bite to eat or a quick coffee! It gives off street vibes without actually having to deal with the inconveniences of hanging out on the actual street. The Drive is gated with security and facilities like outdoor bathrooms and green areas for the dogs. What more could you ask for? We rounded up six cool joints you’ll find in this spacious container park when you’re up for a visit.

  1. Maine

They’re fast, casual, and they simply do it right! Maine is a modern take on our favourite grab-and-go items. Their distinct selection is filled with unique seafood rolls, awesome burgers, and excellent milkshakes. Maine created a huge buzz when it opened, and it’s still going strong thanks to its branches in Telal, North Coast and newly opened branch in Zed Park. Check out their fantastic selection, and don’t forget to check out their Morning Munch that serves as breakfast from their dine-in menu.

  1. Seven Fortunes

Fancy a cup of coffee with friends on a Friday morning or a chilly Thursday afternoon? Well, Seven Fortunes just landed at The Drive and is ready to serve all. Speciality coffee, cold brews, fresh juices, cookies, and more are available. So next time you’re feeling like a cup of coffee with your buddies, head over there for a good time!

  1. Butler’s Café

Granola bowls, coffee, tiramisu, salads, croissants; the list goes on. Butler’s café is a multicultural-inspired café bringing us flavours in the form of uniques pastries and dishes. Their menu is versatile and extensive, varying from hearty soups and bright salads to fresh baked goodies and steak entrees. If you’re not in a hurry, visit them and give their breakfast or lunch options a go.

  1. Dolato

This gelato place took the city by storm when it first served up those tiny ice cream pop-bites everyone went crazy for on Instagram. After its success in four other locations, Dolato set up shop in The Drive to serve their famous 100% Italian gelato flavours in the form of tubs and mini popsicles. Their boxes are simply to die for with over 15+ flavours – you get to choose either 25-piece or 50-pieces boxes.

  1. Brgr

There is no doubt that the most famous smash burger place in Egypt would also get a piece of the cake. Brgr is the definition of a great quick bite when you’re in a hurry and want to have something tasty. The convenience of having a box that suits in-car eating also makes Brgr an excellent choice. Their menu is filled with great stuff like Buffalo chicken bites, soft-serve ice cream, beef burgers, and cheesy fries!

  1. Espresso Lab

Another famous international coffee franchise that created a buzz in the Maadi area just joined The Drive team. Espresso Lab is a coffee gem that immediately transports you away from the hustle of Cairo. This hipster coffee shop offers a variety of flavoured coffees where you can select from a wide variety of dairy and non-dairy milk. A variety of baked goods, juice, and sandwiches are also available if you’re in the mood for a quick snack.